Personality Theories exam 1

  1. Adler EGO
    Adler feld EGO was creative not reactive

    bringing ideas to fruition was the purpose of mankind
  2. Adler Oedipus complex
    male child does not attempt to posses the mother, but strives to attain superiority over his father
  3. Adler Narcissim vs social interest
    Contratry to frued, Adler felt narccism went against human tendency and was a deficency.

    though that humans should develope a healthy social interest in the wellbeing of others
  4. Adlers Motivation toward goals or staifying drives
    did not think people were motivated by silencing the discomfort of biological needs, but rather a motivation to acheive their goals
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Personality Theories exam 1
Personality Theories exam 1