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  1. Some budgeting stuff about first year (guesstimate year) what questions follow this year?
    • what additional items did i add?
    • what items are in excess?
    • what sports require more?
    • who added more athletes?
    • coaching changes - braces vs tape...
  2. what is phase 1 of planning the budget?
    • Exploration...
    • identify the needs of the program, decide what, where, and how much to collect for each of the identified needs
  3. what is phase 2?
    • Information gathering...
    • -collect as much info as possible for each identified needs
    • -priotitize needs and determine causes for each need
  4. What is phase 3?
    • Decision making
    • -develop alternative solutions for each need
    • -determine budgetary implications for each solution
    • -prioritize solutions
    • -intergrate solutions into budget
  5. you should look for what kind of funding??
    and dont forget __ costs...
    • alternative funding
    • hidden costs - office supplies/photocopying
    • is this your budget or someone elses
    • CEUs
  6. what are some first year woes?
    • zero based is common for first year
    • keep running inventory of both consumable and non consumable
    • consult with vendors for change in prices
  7. under purchasing what catergory are capital items and medium priced annual re buys (salaries consulting fees amb service and med insurance premiums)?
    the bulk of the budget and excellent planning would result in only one order and larger discount due to bulk rate...
    capital items and then medium priced ann rebuys

    lower cost consumable supplies
  8. Bidding ethics, vendors want what?
    and why not play one vendor against another?
    why is least expensive not the best?
    • vendors want business
    • if played it may ruin relationship with both
    • may be bad cud hav shitty rep
  9. process of accepting delivery of goods from vendors
    and check this immediately to ensure all are accounted for and there is no damage

    paymen is due within specified time stated on agreement (look up this in book..)
  10. a group that is similar institutions that merge resources to purchase goods in large quants for the purp of receiving volume discounts (district buying and clinic outreaching to multiple schools)
    what can bring exp in raising $$?
    pooled buying consortium

    alumni or booster orgs can raise moolah
  11. what do external funding orgs and programs have??
    • grants that help specific requests and not annual budgets
    • drug and alcohol education programs
  12. Conceptual development concerns what two things??
    • -those that will use the facility
    • -permanency and cost
  13. who does the planning committee work with?
    who makes up the planning committee?
    what are primary decision makers... secondary... definers???
    • -work with architect
    • -made up of imp. peeps and those that know projects use
    • -primary: main decisions, stuff thats pheasable, they pay!
    • -secondary:
    • -definers:
  14. what is step 1?? and what are some questions that are tied along with this
    • -condunct a needs assessment
    • -what is present clinic caseload? how is it likely to change? is present facility adequate..why? is it suitable for strategic plan? which program probs are related to facilities?
  15. what is step 2? and what are some key factors along with this...
    • 'seek approval for proejct'
    • months go to years when building
    • go big cause shit will get cut
    • be ready to justify and make changes
  16. what is step 3 in the process? what kind of bidding??
    why not lowest bid?
    • 'select a construction process model'
    • lump sum: to get several contractors cost quotes
    • b/c: does contractor work well with architect? were previous prjects done on time? were previous within budget? do previous projects function correctly? would previous peeps hire same contractor again?
  17. what are some advantages and disadvantages of lump sum bidding??
    adv: results in lowest price, ensures fairness, complies with state and federal statutes.

    dis: contractors may underbid, less control for owner, contractor might cut corners
  18. general contractor is part of what team?
    He includes what kind of fee and can ___ on all aspects of the building?
    • design team
    • includes a managers fee
    • advise!
  19. some advs and disadvs to construction management?
    • adv: construction manager is part of design team and more advice on materials, costs and schedules.
    • disadv: const. managers fee and no direct control over subcontractors
  20. what constitutes a design build? what are some adv and disadv associtated with this..?
    • = use only one firm for all aspects of designing and building and there are fewer checks and balances, but fewer peeps to communicate with
    • adv: easier communi, ability to fast track probs
    • disadv: fewer checks and balances + greatest potential for major probs
  21. what is step 4? and when can it happen?
    what are the three steps of it? what are some priorities?
    • SELECT an architect and can happer EARLIER
    • steps: asks friends/colleagues, screen several firms, and commission a design competition.
    • Priorities: location, specialty, price...
  22. what is step 5? what is the equation to determine space needs? what should be anticipates and what patterns should be known?
    • develop schematics!
    • EQ: (#patients at peak)/(20 per table) X 100 sq feet =?
    • growth should be anticipated and traffic patterns
  23. what is step 6? Banks ___ , ___, and tax exempt bonds are part of this...
    • "secure the required funding"
    • capitol campaign and endowments
  24. what is step 7? this is only used if using what kind of bidding? what documents are developed in this?
    who develops bidding documents?
    • "bid the constuction"
    • only done with lump-sum bidding
    • contruction documents are developed and architect makes the bidding documents
  25. what is step 8? you should ___ the bids! which means to find out what?
    move ahead vs ___ vs negotiate vs ___
    • analyze bids and take action
    • screen bids! which means to find out why one is signifi less than other
    • move ahead, delay, negotiate, cancel
  26. what is step 9 and whats in this!?
    what is step 10 and what are two peeps involved?
    • begin construction...
    • contracts drawn up and actual process begins

    • monitor construction...
    • gen contractor: company resp for coordinating const of building
    • subcontractor: hired by contractor
  27. what are some things to not concerning location?
    near other health care providers? athletic facilities? locker rooms? outside entrances? in multi purpose building?
  28. some things to consider dealing with ergonomics?
    taping tables, treatment tables, shelves, stools, carts, flooring
  29. what are the 4 ergonomic errors????
    • -design works for me so it will work for everyone
    • -design works well for avg person so it will work for everyone
    • -everyone is diff so peeps will have to adapt
    • -appearance is more important than ergonomics
  30. electrical systems...
    should use 3 pronged ___ grade?
    what is GFI?
    spaced how much?
    how high from floor?
    • hospital grade!
    • ground fault interrupter: prevent electrical shoch from interrupting household circuit
    • spaced every 4 ft, 3 ft from floor
  31. plumbing should be __ expandable
    sloped floor at least __%
    __ and __ in each section
    foot-pedal ___
    what connected directly to water?
    • easily expandable
    • sloped 1%
    • hot and cold
    • foot pedal activator
    • hydrotherapy direct connect
  32. with ventilation and lighting you should have ___ control, your own ___, __ candles, and natural light which consists of convenience vs ___
    humidty control, own thermostat, 30 ft candles, natural light is convenience vs privacy
  33. what are some specialized areas for office and taping?
    office: windows, files, data port

    taping: adequate number, 36"high, easy clean, floor
  34. what are some specialized areas for hydrotherapy and gen treatment?
    • Hydrotherapy: physically seperated, sloped floor (draining), storage
    • gen treatment: tables and modalities, 30" b/w tables annd adjustable tables
  35. what are some specialized areas for rehab and storage?
    • rehab: very dependent on type of facility, equipment, open space
    • storage: cool and dry, easily accessible
  36. what are some specialized areas for lavatory/changing as well as private examination?
    lavatory/changing: storage, area for ATS's

    private examinations: HIPAA and modesty
  37. what are some things that go with Americans with disabilities act?
    ramps, door width, telephones, grab bars, curb cuts, towel dispensers, carpet type, paper cup dispensers
  38. what are recreational specific areas that should be orgainized ?
    cardiovascular, free weights, resistance training, mat/stretching, dumbbells, olympic lifting, lower weight area, desk information, storage
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