Botany_Fruit Classification

  1. What is a simple fruit?
    A simple fruit is one that is derived from a single carpel or several fused carpels.

    Example: berries, drupes, pomes
  2. What is an aggregate?
    An aggregate is a fruit that is derived from a single flower with many pistils.

    Example: raspberries, black berries, strawberries
  3. What is a multiple fruit?
    A multiple fruit is derived from many flowers.

    Example: pineapple, mulberries, osage orange
  4. Describe a berry..
    • - has soft flesh throughout
    • -tomato, peppers, grapes
  5. Describe a drupe...
    • - inner part is hard or stony pit
    • - peachs, cherries, plums
  6. Describe a pome...
    • - fleshy part comes from floral parts and inner core is textured
    • - apple, pear
  7. From where does the fruit develop from?
  8. Which flowering parts develop into the seed coat?
    Product of ripened ovule in angiosperms and gymnosperms.
  9. Which flower parts develop into the embryo?
    The zygote
  10. Which part of a flower produces the endosperm?
    Endosperm is the tissues produced inside the seeds of angiosperms. Endosperm surrounds the embryo and provides nutrition in the form of starch.
  11. Sometimes if the egg does not become fertilied, the ovary can be forced to develop into a fruit by plant hormones. What is the result?
    Seedless Fruits

    Example: grapes, oranges, bananas, watermelons, pineapple
  12. What is apomixis
    Seeds with no fertilization
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