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    • Acid
    • Any substance that prpdcues hydrogen ions, in a water solution
  1. Hydronium ion
    H3O+ ions, which form when an acid dissolves in water and H+ ions interact with water
  2. Indicator
    Organic compound that changes color in acids and bases
  3. Base
    Any substance that forms hydroxide ions, OH- , in a water solution
  4. Strong acid
    Any acid that dissociates completely in solution
  5. Weak acid
    Any acid that only partly dissociates in solution.
  6. Strong base
    Any base that dissociates completley in solution.
  7. Weak base
    Any base that does not dissociate completly in solution.
  8. pH
    Measure of concentration of Hydronium ions in a solution
  9. Buffer
    Solution containing ions that react with added acids or bases and minimize their effects on pH.
  10. Neutralization
    Chemical reaction that occurs when the h3o+ ions from an acid react with oh- ions from a base to produce water molecules.
  11. Salt
    Compound formed when negative ions from an acid combine with positive ions from a base.
  12. Titration
    Process in which a solution of known concentration is used to determine the concenttation of another solution.
  13. Soap
    Organic salt with nonpolar , hydrocarbon ends that interact with oils and dirt and polar ends that helps them dissolve in water.
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