1. Whats the difference between kussmaul, cheyne stoke and agonal breathing?
    • Agonal breathing - breathing after the heart has stopped
    • Cheyne stoke - Respirations (stroke and head injury) Irregular respiratory pattern Increasing rate and depth of respiration followed by a period of apnea
    • Kussmaul- deep rapid breathing found in ketoacidosis
  2. What happens when someone takes to much inhaler?
    Tachycardia, hyper, nervous
  3. Who desides how many doses for an inhaler to admin
    medical control

    They will want vitals signs
  4. How do you know if your ventilating someone right?
    • Proper rate 10-12 adults - 12 to 20 infants and children "rates"
    • Visible and equal chest rise and fall
    • Heart rate returns to normal range

    Pg 247 Emt tips

    Inadequate to fast or to slow ventilation deliver
  5. When someone been choking on food, what kind of lung sounds will you hear?
  6. If someone is having having trouble breathing what do you do?
    ABC's, oxygen
  7. A 2mth old is breathing 16 b/m is that good?
    NO, 25-50 normal range
  8. Signs and symptoms of inadequate breathing in a child?
    • Accessory muscle use
    • Retractions
    • Head bobbing
    • Nasal flaring
    • Tachypnea
    • Grunting
    • Children resp rate 15-30
    • infant 25-50
  9. If you go on a call and you see a pt on a pillow and their unconscious, snoring, what do you do?
    Take them off the pillow, head tilt chin lift
  10. What type of oxygen technique do you use to give an infant oxygen
    Blow by
  11. COPD pt's do they get Oxygen?

    oxygen should not be withheld from anyone
  12. What the medication that help you get rid of excess fluid ?
  13. When do you apply an AED?
    pulseless/unresponsive pt's
  14. Why do they keep track of everyone who we put an AED on?
    they wanna know the outcome on the pt.
  15. A pt with chest pain, will we know if its angina or an MI?
    NO, treat them the same.
  16. Whats the sequence for the AED?
    • Power AED
    • Apply Pads
    • Stop CPR ( clear everyone)
    • Push analyze
    • if no shock resume CPR
    • Analyze after 2 min of CPR
    • If shock is advised, shock. MAke sure everyones clear
    • resume cpr starting with chest compressions
    • check pulse after 2min cpr
    • tranport and contact medical control
  17. Who repeats the commands of the AED?
    Emt AED operator
  18. Whats the max dose Nitro?
    3 tablets
  19. What do red blood cells, white blood and platelets do?
    • Red blood cells carry oxygen to the tissues and remove carbon dioxide
    • White Help fight infection
    • Platelets Clottng
  20. What are the side effects of nitro?
  21. What do you called fluid in the lungs?
    Edema = fluid
  22. What are signs and symptoms of a heart problem?
    • Sudden onset of weakness, nausea and sweating without abvious cause
    • Chest pain/discomfort/pressure that is often crushing or squeezing
    • Pain or discomfort in the lower jaw, arms, back, abdomen, or neck
    • Sudden arrhythmia with syncope (fainting)
    • Pulmonary edema
    • Sudden death
  23. Signs and symptoms of abdomnal pain?
  24. What does epi do during anaphylaxis
    increase hate rate, dilates bronchiols and constricts blood vessels
  25. What do you wanna know during the initial assessment during anaphylaxis?
    Can they talk without trouble
  26. Do ABC's include Oxygen?
  27. When you help someone admin epi how often do you reasses?
    5 min
  28. What does epi do for the pt?
    • Helps them breath better
    • help maintain blood pressure
  29. What is the dosage for subQ epi for an infant?
  30. How soon should an Epi work?
    2 min
  31. Someone having an anaphylaxis and their pregnant
    Call medical control
  32. How many doses do auto injectors carry
    1 dose
  33. How do we dispose of sharps
    Sharps container
  34. In children what causes them to go in a seizure. most common cause.
  35. When you have low blood suger
  36. When some is having a seizure what can we do for them?
    Move objects they can cause harm and let them have the seizure
  37. What are the most common cause of seizure in an adult?
    Not taking their medication
  38. What does glucose do in the body?
    Primary fuel used for cellular metabolizm
  39. Whats a TIA and how long does it last?
    Transient ischemic attack goes away on their own within 24hrs
  40. In SAMPLE in family history important?
    NO- Look for the question with family history
  41. If someone is having a stroke whats the most important thing to do?
  42. Know the scope of practice for glucose?
    • Never admin to uncouscious or pt who cant swallow
    • Only by mouth, put it on a tongue blade and put between the cheek and gum
  43. Runnning on a diabetic call what important to ask?
    Last oral intake
  44. Anytime someone has abdominal pain, why do we transport.
    could be a heart attack
  45. Biggest concern for female abdominal pain
    Eptopic prenancy
  46. What is NOT appropriate to ask a pregnant pt
    Any sexual appitite
  47. Someones been sick and vomiting for a few days, whats the bestway to transport
    left recombent
  48. Anytime you have someone that is giving you a hard time
  49. Know what the main focus when someones in shock
    Blood pressure
  50. Is stomuch pain a high transport priority?
  51. Car crashed into a tree and in in the embankment
    Give oxygen first
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