Analects by Confusious- values & Terms

  1. Another name for Confusious
    Master Kong (Kong Fuzi)
  2. What are the three Dynasties?
    • Xia- oldest
    • Yin (shang)- known for bronzework
    • Zhou- 11th BCE. overthrew the Yin dynasty. Responsible for the 7th centurey Golden Age. North China Unified.
  3. During this dynasty, they formed alliences with other chinese states against the Chu. Who was apart of these alliances?
    Zhou Dynasty. Master Kong.
  4. During this dynasty, all literature was burned. The Analects also came about in this dynasty.
    Qin Dynasty 221-206 BCE
  5. Dynasty where confusionism dies out and Buddhism emerges.
    Han Dynasty 124 BCE 3rd Century
  6. Confusionism reemerges in what year
    589 BCE
  7. Buddhism focused on
    giving up pleasure.
  8. Taoism focused on
    Harmony with the way (Tao)
  9. Confucianism focuses on
    humanism, virtue, ethics, rightousness, morality and doing good.
  10. Gentleman:
    "junzi"- means ruler's son, noble man, superior, exemplory man. (Book 1:14)
  11. Sage:
    someone who benefited the people far and wide and was able to bring salvation to the multitude.(book 9:6)
  12. Small man:
    contrast to the gentleman. A person who is never motivated by moral considerations.
  13. The people:
    refers to the governed; the "masses". passive recipients of commands, employment, benefits and instruction.
  14. humaness:
    the connection with human beings. (mentioned in book 4)
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