Ken's Midterm resp 131

  1. Identify in writing the various parts of a stethoscope
    • Image Upload 1
    • Chest Piece
    • Bell- Used for Low Pitched Sounds (Heart)
    • Diaphragm- Used for High Pitched Sounds (Lungs)
  2. Identify in writing the various parts of the equipment used for measuring blood pressure
    Image Upload 2
  3. Identify in writing the various types of small volume nebulizers
    • Image Upload 3
    • Basic Small Volume (left) and Breath Actuated (right) nebulizers (Both are SVNs)
  4. Identify Ultrasonic nebulizer
    Image Upload 4
  5. Identify Heart Continous nebulizer
    Image Upload 5
  6. Identify Large Volume nebulizers
    Image Upload 6
  7. Identify in writing the various classification, sub-classification, and principle of operation and facts related to the gas analyzers discussed in class
    • Paramagnetic (physical)
    • Electrochemical- (Polarographic (Clark) electrode and Galvanic fuel cell, MOST USED!!)
    • Mass spectroscopy
    • Zirconium cell
    • Raman scattering
  8. Identify what type is and the parts of Polarographic Analyzers
    • Image Upload 7
    • Electrochemical Analyzer
    • use a Silver-silver chloride (+) anode and a Platinum (-) cathode. Uses a battery to speed analysis (10-30 seconds)
  9. Identify what type is and the parts of Galvanic Analyzers
    • Image Upload 8
    • Electrochemical Analyzer
    • use a Lead (+) anode and a Gold (-) cathode. 60 seconds for analysis.
  10. Is a Bourdon Flowmeter Compensated or Uncompensated?
    • Image Upload 9
    • Left Gauge is Uncompensated
  11. Is a Thorpe Tube Flowmeter with the Flow adjuster at the upper end of the tube compensated or uncompensated?
    • Image Upload 10
    • Compensated
  12. Used for A-E cylinder. Consists of two holes
    bored in assigned places in the valve with two corresponding pins in the yoke. And has a position of 2-5 for Oxygen and 1-5 for Air.
    • Image Upload 11
    • PISS - Pin Index Safety System
  13. What is used for large cylinders and has a thread indexed safety system? The shape of the gas outlet, nipple
    receptacle, the diameter, and number of threads is specified for each .
    ASSS (American Standard Safety System).
  14. “Flow Meters”. A system developed by the CGA to
    prevent the use of equipment intended for a specific gas being used on another gas. This system is similar to the ASSS except it is intended for equipment that is attached to gas sources of less than 200 psig.
    • Image Upload 12
    • DISS (Diameter Index Safety System)
  15. Identify in writing what the markings on the shoulder of a medical gas cylinder indicate
    • Image Upload 13frangible disk (rupture) - h cyliner and up
    • fusible plug - e cylinder and down
  16. Calculate how long a cylinder of oxygen will last when emptying at a certain flow rate
    • -A full tank will hold 2200 psi
    • -If it is hooked up to a patient you subtract 500 from what is shown on the gauge to give the patient a buffer (e.g. 2200-500= 1700)
    • - Tank factor “E” Cylinder= 0.28 “H” Cylinder= 3.14
    • Duration in Min.= Tank factor x Tank psi / Liter Flow
  17. Identify the difference between a gas regulator and a pressure reducing valve
    • Image Upload 14
    • Middle chamber is the pressure reducing valve; The entire picture illustrates a regulator.
  18. Determine the FIO2 setting on a nebulizer.
    • - If only FiO2 settings available on nebulizer, then determine by reading that.
    • - If O2 analyzer is connected then determine by that.
    • - If Flowmeter is air and not O2 then the FiO2 will be 21% (i.e. Black tube instead of Green)
  19. Calculate the total flow from a nebulizer
    • Image Upload 15
    • Divide top answer by bottom answer to get a ratio (i.e. 1:3). Add the ratio and multiply that answer times the liter flow
  20. Calculate or determine a patient’s minute volume, tidal volume, and respiratory rate
    • Tidal Volume= Ideal body weight (Kg) x 12-15 (mL)
    • Respiratory Rate= 60 seconds divided by total respiratory time
    • Minute Volume= RR x Tidal Volume
  21. Identify a spirometer
    • Image Upload 16
    • - Used for measuring Inspiratory and Expiratory Volumes
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