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  1. What is a fomal modification proposal?
    A recommendation to change the operation, use, or appearance of AF aircraft and equipmnet.
  2. Whether temporary, permanent, or safety, what is the lowest approval level needed to make a modification to an aircraft or piece of equipment?
  3. How often must temporary modifications be reapproved with HQ USAF/A4M?
  4. In addition to the system program manager maintaining system engineering integrity, what agency is responsible for fleet-wide interoperability and commonality of that system?
    Lead command
  5. What dose aircraft configuration management provide unit managers the capability to do?
    To determine the actual versus approved configuration of an aircraft.
  6. What section within the MXG has overall responsibility for managing the ACM database for the wing?
    Maintenance Operations Flight PS&D in the MOS.
  7. What is historical documentation as it pertains to aircraft and equipment?
    A permanent record of significant maintenance actions on Aerospace Equipment, including aircraft, engines, engine modules, and MDS specitic _6 TO components.
  8. Who is responsible for determining which items in the MDS specific _6 TO need historical reporting and for informing the single manager so the items can be identified for reporting?
    Item Managers
  9. For aircraft engines, when are printed copies of AFTO IMT 95s not required to accompany end items upon transfer to/from other locations?
    When the location has access to the necessary MIS to retrieve the required historical information.
  10. During what type of transfer do helicopter blades and tail rotor blades have to be accompanied by a printed copy of their AFTO IMT 95?
    Upon transfer into the disposal system.
  11. Upon transfer of engines to and form a depot maintenance facility, who is reponsible for ensuring all basic engine componets have been accounted for?
    The maintenance facility that preserves the engine.
  12. What aircraft wngine documentation is an AFTO IMT 95 primarily used for?
    To document accumulated cycles, operation times, maintence history, as well as pertinent manufacturing data for jet engine turbine wheels.
  13. Which maintenance information system is considered to be the standard AF base-level automated MIS?
    IMDS Central Database
  14. In regards to MIS data integrity, what are work center and shift supervisors responsible for doing?
    Reviewing, on a daily basis, the data entered into their respective MIS By personnel under their control.
  15. What section guides the data intergity team process and is responsible for ensuring the MIS data provided to maintenance managers is meaninful and factual?
    MOF Maintenance Data Systems Analysis section.
  16. What section is responsible for correction incorrect and erroneous data entered into the MIS?
    The section that entered the data.
  17. As roadmaps, what can maintenance management metrics, if used properly, help you to determine?
    Where your've been, where you're going and how (or if) you're going to get there.
  18. What are two major categories that metrics are often divided into?
    Leading and Lagging indicators.
  19. What type of performance indicator shows a problem first, while it is impacting maintenance's capability to provide resources to execute the mission?
    Leading indicators.
  20. What type of indicator shows firmly established trends?
    Lagging indicators.
  21. What level maintenance priority should be assigned to perform maintenance on primary mission aircraft, related AGE, and munitions support equipment for the first eight work hours after landing or start of recovery?
    Priority 2
  22. What level maintenance repair priority should be assigned to perform scheduled maintenance to include periodic inspections, toutine TCTOs, and time change items?
    Priority 4.
  23. What level maintenance priority should be assigned to porform routine repair of AGE and repair cycle assets?
    Priority 5.
  24. If a change is made in the repair priority of an aircraft, does the LRS parts delivery priority have to be changed to match it?
    No, not neccessarily. It depends on the best judgment of the production superintendent in coordination with MOC.
  25. Other than simply scheduling maintenance, what is the purpose of maintenance scheduling meetings?
    To properly mesh maintenance with flying requirements.
  26. Who normally chairs the weekly MXG maintenance scheduling meeting?
    MOF PS&D senior scheduler.
  27. For the purposes of maintenance scheduling, what is the definition of a maintenance requirement?
    Any maintenance event that impacts aircraft availability.
  28. If a change is made to the printed flying schedule as a result of decisions made at a daily scheduling meeting, is an AF IMT 2407 required to be submitted for approval?
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