Chapter 4-6 Social Psy

  1. Stereotype threat causes decrements in performance, possible because ____________.

    E. Stereotype threat increases anxiety
  2. The process of comparing our own performance to that of someone who is less capable is known as downward social comparison.
    a. True
    b. False
    a. True
  3. When Karen was recently asked to describe herself to her classmates, she spoke about being a student and a member of her class. She pointed out the similarities and differences between herself and her fellow students. Karen was primarily making ____________ comparisons.

    B. Intragroup
  4. One basic form of learning that helps to form our attitudes occurs when a neutral stimulus acquires the ability to cause reactions that were originally caused by another stimulus. This type of learning is known as ________________.

    A. Classical conditioning
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Chapter 4-6 Social Psy
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