hort nutrients

  1. N nitrogen
    • a constituent of amoni acids, proteins, enzymes and chlorophyll;
    • a component of nucleic acids;
    • the backbone of DNA;
    • important in photosynthesis
  2. P phosphorus
    • constituent of proteins, phospholipids, enzyme systems, and nucleic acids;
    • important for energy systems (ATP);
    • stimulates early growth and root formation;
    • important in photosynthesis
  3. K potassium
    • affects membrane permeability;
    • stomote opening and closing;
    • increases size and quality of fruits and vegetables
  4. Ca calcium
    • component of plant cell walls and membranes;
    • regulates membrane permeability
  5. Mg magnesium
    constituent of chlorophyll molecule
  6. Fe iron
    • essential for chlorophyll synthesis, stability;
    • catalyst in respiration, photosynthesis, nitrogen fixation
  7. Mn manganese
    • important enzyme catalyst in many metabolic reactions;
    • promotes pigment and vitamin C synthesis
  8. Zn zinc
    important component of enzymes, including ones involved in zinc synthesis of plant hormones (auxins)
  9. B boron
    • role in differentiation of meristem cells; regulates carbohydrate metabolism;
    • formation of pectins
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