Electrical System C152

  1. What size electrical system does the C152 have?
    The C152 has a 28 volt electrical system, and a 24 volt battery.
  2. What is in place to simplify a/c wiring?
    The avionics bus is in place to simplify a/c wiring.
  3. What is the purpose of the alternator/generator?
    The alternator produces AC, alternating current, and then converts it to DC, direct current for use in the system.
  4. What does the Master Switch do?
    The master switch turns on and off the electrical system.
  5. What equipments is powered by the electrical system?
    • Lights- position, anti collision, landing, interior, taxi...
    • Radio equipment
    • Turn indicator
    • Fuel gauges
    • Electric fuel pump
    • Stall warning
    • Pitot heat
    • Starter
  6. What size alternator is in the C152?
    60 amp alternator = 28 volt system

    Electrical current goes through battery on the way to instruments and avionics.
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Electrical System C152
Electrical System C152