EDPSY CHapter 8

  1. 2-6 Year Old Annual Growth Average
    2-3 inches, 5 pounds, greater motor function
  2. general grwoth curve
    curve representing overall chanes in body size, rapid growth during infancy slower gains in early and middle childhood and rapid growth again during adolescence
  3. Children from Smoking homes are 3x more likely to experience....
    Tooth decay
  4. dominant cerebral hemisphere
    the hemisphere of the brain responsible for skilled motor action- in right handed individuals, the left hemisphere
  5. Brain grwoth and myelination
    Brain heavier, memory and speed quicker
  6. cerebellum
    a brain structure that aids in balance and control of body movements
  7. reticular formation
    A brain structure that maintains alertness and consciousness
  8. hippocampus
    an inner-brain structure that plays a vital role in memory and in spatial images we use to help us find out way
  9. corpus callosum
    the large bundle of fibers conecting the two hemispheres of the brain
  10. pituitary gland
    ag land located near the base of the brain the releases horomones effecting physical growth
  11. Growth Horomone (GH)
    A pituatary horomone that affects the development of all body tissues except the central nervous system and the gentials.
  12. thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH)
    A pituitary hormone that stimulates the thyroid gland to release thyroxine, which is necessary for normal rain development and body grwoth
  13. psychosocial dwarfism
    Growth disorder, very short stature, decreaed GH secretion, immature skeletal age, serious adjustement problems.
  14. Plasticity
    Allows brain to change based on early experiences
  15. Left Hemisphere is responsible for...
    • Language
    • Writing
    • Math
  16. Right Hemisphere is responsible for....
    • Fantasy
    • Aristic Ability
    • Musical Skills
  17. Handedness
    90% in Western nations right handed, affected by: Position in uterus, practice, culture.
  18. Amygdala
    Sensitive to facial emotions
  19. Hippocampus
  20. Corpus Callosum
    Connects two hemispheres of brain
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