Ch 18

  1. Name 10 main functions of the Endocrine system
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    • Metabolism
    • Food- intake and digestion
    • tissue maturation
    • ion regulation
    • Water balance
    • Heart rate and blood pressure
    • Blood glucose and other nutrients
    • Reproductive functions
    • Uterine contractions
  2. Endocrine secrete where?
    Into blood
  3. Exocrine secretes where?
    Secrete into ducts or hollow organs, or surface of skin,
  4. What controls the activity of the pit gland?
    the hypothalmus
  5. What is phosporolation?
    Membrane bound receptors. Enzymes that regulate other enzymes by attaching and enzyme to them.
  6. What does glucagon do?
    binds to surface receptors of liver cells (making this a water-soluable, g protein activating cell)stimulating enzymes which break down glycogen into glucose which realeases from liver.
  7. Hormones from the ant. pit. are called
    tropic hormones
  8. Hormones
    Travel in blood stream to act on target tissues
  9. Where exocrine secrets and 4 ex:
    • Secrete into ducts or hollow organs, or surface of skin,
    • Milk
    • saliva
    • sweat
    • digestive
    • enzymes
  10. The anterior pit aka ?

    2. produces what hormones?

    3. target and function

    4. where did it originate from?

    • 2. Oxytocin
    • Target: Uterus and mam glands
    • Function: Uterine contractions and ejection of milk from boobs

    • ADH
    • Target: Kidneys
    • Function: Causes re-uptake of water to prevent loss from urine

    Originated from mouth
  11. Posterior pit aka ?

    Where did it come from?

    How many hormones? EDIT!

    Originated from

    Can secrete 9 hormones
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