Music Notation 3

  1. What are the 7 scale degrees?
    • 1. tonic
    • 2. supertonic
    • 3. mediant
    • 4. subdominant
    • 5. dominant
    • 6. submediant
    • 7. leading tone
  2. Location of tonic
    all other scale degrees revolve around it.
  3. Location of dominant
    5th above tonic
  4. Location of subdominant
    5th below tonic
  5. Location of supertonic
    whole step above the tonic
  6. Location of leading tone
    1/2 step below tonic
  7. Location of mediant
    located 1/2 way between the tonic and the dominant
  8. Location of submediant
    located 1/2 way between the subdominant and the tonic
  9. 1/2 steps occur naturally between....?
    E & F, B & C
  10. Whole steps occur between....?
    C & D, D & E, F & G, G & A, A & B
  11. Definition of scale degrees
    • steps on a scale.
    • #'s 1 through 8
  12. Location of the 1st tetrachord
    starts at tonic and ends on subdominant
  13. Location of the 2nd tetrachord
    starts at dominant and ends on the tonic above
  14. What is the order of sharps?
    Image Upload 1
  15. Descending pattern of notes
  16. What is the order of flats?
    Image Upload 2
  17. Mneumonic of Order of Flats
    BEAD Greatest Common Factor
  18. Definition of perfect 5th
    musical interval encompassing 5 staff positions
  19. Definition of transposition
    Shifting a composition to a different pitch level
  20. How to locate the tonic of a major flat using a key signature?
    The next to the last flat is the tonic
  21. How to locate the tonic of a major sharp using a key signature?
    1/2 step above the last sharp
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