Chem Unit 2

  1. Z is
    atomic number
  2. Isotopes
    atoms of same element with different masses
  3. Avogadro's number
    • 23
    • 6.02* 10
  4. Electromagnetic radiation
    radio waves, microwaves, x rays, etc
  5. Electromagnetic specturm
    arranged from a long to short wavelength or low to high frequencies
  6. Wavelength
    distance between corresponding points
  7. Frequency (v)
    number of waves that pass a given point at a specific time
  8. quantum
    minimum quantity of energy that can be lost or gained by atom
  9. photoelectric effect
    emmision of electroms from metal when light is shined on it
  10. electromagnectic radiation strikes the surface of metal...
    ...ejecting electrons from the metal, causing electrical current
  11. photon
    particle of electromagnetic radiation having zero mass
  12. emission
    electron falls to a lower energy level
  13. absorption
    energy added to atom to move electron from lower to higher energy level
  14. diffraction
    bending of waves
  15. interference
    waves overlap
  16. Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
    impossible to determine simultaneously the position and velocity of electrons or other particles
  17. Aufbau principle
    electron occupies lowest energy orbital that can recieve it
  18. Pauli exclusion principle
    no more than 2 electrons can occupy the same orbital
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