chapter 10

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  1. what does the crust contain?
    metals, building stone, mineral and sources of energy
  2. what are geologic resources?
    non living materials mined to maintain our industry and quality of life
  3. most of our energy comes from __________
    non renewable resources
  4. oil, coal, natural gas and uranium are ___% of energy consumption and ___% of commercial energy consumption
    • 80
    • 95
  5. what are two types of energy?
    • solar energy
    • geothermal energy
  6. solar energy
    electromagnetic radiation that originates with nuclear fusion within suns core
  7. geothermal energy
    heat given off during movement and crystalization of magma within earth interior
  8. what are fossil fuels?
    • provide energy that power society
    • coal, oil and natural gas
  9. _______ is composed of carbon that is derived from buried plankton
  10. what is coal?
    fossil fuel found in stratified sedimentary deposits
  11. what are 4 types of coal?
    • peat-warm humid vegetation produced by microorganisma
    • lignite( brown coal)-plant remain visible
    • bituminous( soft coal)biogenic sedimentry rock
    • anthracite (hard coal)-non crystalline metamorphic rock
  12. nuclear plants provide about ___% of the worlds electricity
  13. what are some types of renewable energy?
    • solar power
    • wind power
    • bioenergy
    • geothermal energy
    • hydrogen fuels
    • hydroelectric power
    • ocean energy
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