Unit 3.1

  1. abominate (v.)
    to have an intense dislike or hatred for, to despise, to loathe, to detest
  2. acculturation (n.)
    adapting to a new culture, becoming socially absorbed by a dominant culture
  3. adventitious (adj.)
    accidental, resulting from chance, fortuitous
  4. ascribe (v.
    to attribute to, to blame for
  5. circuitous (adj.
    roundabout, indirect
  6. commiserate (v.)
    to sympathize with, to have pity or sorrow for, to share a feeling of distress
  7. enjoin (v.)
    to order another to do something or to refrain from doing something, to command
  8. expedite (v.)
    to make easier, to facilitate, to accelerate
  9. expiate (v.)
    to make amends, to atone, to make up for
  10. ferment (v.)
    to agitate or cause turbulence (literally, the action of yeast on sugar creating alcohol); also (n.)--turbulence, agitation
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