psych chapter 5

  1. Consciousness
    an organisms awareness of its own self and surroundings
  2. 4 levels of awareness
    - Controlled processes

    - automatic processes

    - subconscious

    - no awareness
  3. (4 levels of awareness) Controlled processes
    - Selective attention

    - requires focus, maximum attention

    ex) studying for an exam, learning how to drive a car
  4. (4 levels of awareness) Automatic processes
    -require minimal attention, comfortable zone

    ex) walking to class while on a cell phone
  5. (4 levels of awareness) Subconcious
    - Below conscious awareness

    -ex) sleeping, dreaming
  6. (4 levels of awareness) No awareness
    - lowest level of awareness

    • - Psychological: Freud psychodynamic theory
    • -unconsciousness, unacceptable thoughts
    • - Physiological: Coma, Head injuries
  7. Circadian rhythm
    -biological changes that occur in a 24 hour cycle

    -biological clock
  8. Altered state of consciousness
    happens when one is sleeping
  9. sleep cycles
    4-5 cycles that last 90 minutes

    stage 1> stage 2> stage 3> stage 4> REM
  10. Evolutionary/circadian theory
    less sleep bottom of the food chain
  11. 3 different theories why we dream
    - Psychodynamic view

    -Activation-synthesis hypothesis

    - Cognitive view
  12. (dream theories) Psychodynamic view
    • -Freuds unacceptable desires show up in dreams
    • - We avoid anxiety
    • - Manifest content : weird things in our dreams

    - Latent Content: is the real true meaning of the dream

    - always occur during REM.
  13. Activation-synthesis hypothesis
    • -brain fires random electrical impulses, makes sense of random things
    • -occurs during REM
  14. Cognitive view
    -mostly non-REM

    -dreams that can be interpreted easily
  15. 2 main sleeping disorders
    Dyssomnias and parasomnias
  16. Dyssomnias
    -difficult falling asleep, falling asleep waking up to early, or having hard time staying asleep.

    • Main sleeping problems:
    • -Imsomnia
    • -Narcolepsy
    • -Sleep Apnea
  17. (Dyssomnias) Imsomnia
    trouble falling asleep
  18. (Dyssomnias) Narcolepsy
    going fully conscious to REM sleep
  19. (Dyssomnias) Sleep Apnea
    may fail to breathe while asleeping, wakes up gasping
  20. Parasomnias
    no problem going to sleep, but disturbances during sleep
  21. (Parasomnias) Nightmare
    always occur in REM
  22. (Parasomnias) Night terrors
    -does not occur in REM

    -people sometimes dont remember them
  23. (Parasomnias) Sleep walking
    -does not occur in REM
  24. (Parasomnias) Sleep talking
    -may occur during REM or non REM
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