Ch 11 Vocab

  1. Abstemious
    Moderate, Temperate
  2. Censurable
    Deserving of blame or correction
  3. Contingent
    (adj.) likely but not certain to happen. (n.) A representative group forming part of a larger body.
  4. Corroborate
    To confirm, verify
  5. Denizen
    An inhabitant, resident
  6. Discursive
    Passing aimlessly from one place or subject to another
  7. Disseminate
    To scatter or spread widely
  8. Dowdy
    Poorly dressed. shabby
  9. Florid
    Highly colored, showy
  10. Foist
    To pass off as worthy or genuine
  11. Gauche
    Awkward, clumsly
  12. Heresy
    An opinion different from accepted belief
  13. Inculcate
    To impress on the mind by repetition
  14. Palpable
    Easily seen or heard, obvious
  15. Perceptive
    Having sympathetic insight or understanding, observant
  16. Pernicious
    Extremely harmful; deadly, fatal
  17. Salient
    (adj.) leaping, jumping. (n.) A projection or bulge
  18. Satiate
    (v.) To satisfy completely. (adj.) Full, satisfied
  19. Sear
    To make or become dry and withered, Singe
  20. Specious
    deceptive, casuistic
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