gpv 4th

  1. What are the 3 main ELEMENTS of story structure?
    • Characters - main players in the story
    • Setting - where and when story takes place
    • Plot - sequence of the story
  2. How can you identify the story elements?
    Ask WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN questions.
  3. What does an Author's Viewpoint mean?
    • Reflects author's feelings and attitude about what they are writing.
    • Author might state their opinion or make inferences using clues in wording.
  4. What is meant by TEXT ORGANIZATION?
    Means they use the Titles, Headings, and Pictures to get their point across.
  5. What is the purpose of NOTING DETAILS?
    • to show characters feelings and help readers "see" the story events
    • help readers understand important ideas or information
  6. What does the ending -ER mean?
    Compares two things, people or places.

    ex: My mom is older than my dad.
  7. What does the ending -EST mean?
    Compares 3 or more things, people or places.

    ex: Last night was the coldest night all week!
  8. What does the ending -LY mean?
    it means "ina way that is".

    ex: bravely, friendly, neatly
  9. What does ending -Y mean?
    • It adds meaning to base word.
    • "consisting or made up of"

    ex: windy, sandy
  10. What is Syllabication?
    it helps you figure out longer words by dividing them up into syllables

    ex. Atlantic At /lan /tic
  11. What does the root word "TELE" mean?
    tele means "over a distance"

    ex. telephone, telescope, telegram
  12. What does the root word "RUPT" mean?
    rupt means "break"

    ex. disrupt, interrupt, abrupt
  13. What does it mean when words have multiple meanings?
    in the dictionary each meaning is numbered.

    ex. cry means 1. to sob or shed tears 2. to call loudly

    • The musher will CRY for the dogs to stop.
    • (meaning #2)
  14. Why is alphabetical order used in the dictionary?
    so that you can find the words easier.

    which comes first - dream or double?

    double b/c O comes before R
  15. What does a THESAURUS do?
    • it gives SYNONYMS for words, or other meanings for words
    • ex. over can also mean above, finished or beyond
  16. What are GUIDE WORDS in the dictionary?
    • words at the top of the page so that you know what words are on that page.
    • first word is first word on page
    • second word is last word on page
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