12.6 Inflammations, infections, hereditary, congenital and developmental disorders, other abnormalit

  1. cervicitis
    inflammation of mucous membrane tissues of uterine cervix
  2. endometritis
    inflammation of endometrium
  3. epididymitis
    inflammation of epididymis
  4. mastitis
    inflammation of mammary gland
  5. metritis
    inflammation of uterus
  6. oophoritis
    ovarian inflammation
  7. oophorosalpingitis
    inflammation of ovary anduterine tube
  8. orchitis
    inflammation of testicles
  9. prostatitis
    inflammation of prostate gland
  10. pyometra
    collection of pus in the uterine cavity
  11. pyosalpinx
    accumulation of pus in uterine tube
  12. salpingitis
    uterine tube inflammation
  13. seminal vesculitis
    seminal vesicle inflammation
  14. theriogenology
    the branch of veterinary science that deals with the anatomy, physiology, pathology, and diseases of the reproductive tracts of animals
  15. vaginitis
    inflammation of vagina
  16. vulvitis
    inflammation of vulva
  17. anorchism
    absence of one or both testes
  18. atresia of vagina
    absence of vaginal opening
  19. cryptorchism
    testes do not descend into scrotum (also called cryptorchidism)
  20. ectopia of testis
    one or both testes misplaced in other location
  21. hermaphroditism
    having both ovarian and testicular tissue
  22. hypoplasia of cervix
    underdevelopment of cervix
  23. ovotestis
    gonad that contains both ovarian and testicular tissue
  24. polyorchism
    presence of more than two testes
  25. pseudohermaphorditism
    presence of gonads of one sex, with physical characteristics of both sexes
  26. rudimentary uterus
    underdeveloped or imperfectly developed uterus
  27. supernumerary
    more than normal number, referring to such structures as teats, ovaries and uterine tubes
  28. aspermatogenesis
    failure to develop spermatozoa
  29. aspermia
    failure to form or emit semen
  30. corpus hemorrhagicum
    blood clot in corpus luteum or blood in ovarian follicle
  31. hydrocele
    collection of fluid in testis
  32. lactation
    secretion of milk
  33. leukorrhea
    whitish discharge from vagina
  34. oligospermia
    diminished amount of spermatozoa in semen
  35. parovarian cyst
    cyst located beside ovary
  36. phimosis
    constriction of skin of prepuce over glans penis
  37. prolapse of uterus
    protrusion of uterus through vaginal orifice (cast wethers in the cow)
  38. prostatic hypertrophy
    enlargement of prostate
  39. spermaturia
    discharge of semen in urine
  40. spontaneous abortion
    premature discharge of embryo or nonviable fetus from uterus
  41. sterility
    inability to reproduce
  42. abortion
    termination of pregnancy
  43. cesarean section
    surgical incision through abdominal and uterine wall for delivery of neonate
  44. colpotomy
    surgical incision of vaginal wall
  45. embryotomy
    cutting up of dead fetus for removal from uterus
  46. episioplasty
    repair of vulva
  47. episiorrhaphy
    repair of torn vulva or episiotomy
  48. episiotomy
    incision of vulva to prevent tearing on delivery of neonate
  49. fetomy
    cutting apart fetus for removal
  50. hymenotomy
    incision of hymen
  51. hysterectomy
    removal of uterus
  52. mastotomy
    incision of the mammary gland (also called mammotomy)
  53. orchidorrhaphy
    surgical fixation of undescended testicle into scrotum (also called orchiopexy)
  54. orchiectomy
    excision of one or both testes; also called orchidectomy
  55. ovariectomy
    excision of one or both ovaries (also called oophorectomy)
  56. ovariohysterectomy
    complete removal of uterus and cervix
  57. prostatectomy
    removal of all or part of prostate gland
  58. vasectomy
    excision of all or part of vas deferens
  59. vasotomy
    incision into vas deferens
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12.6 Inflammations, infections, hereditary, congenital and developmental disorders, other abnormalit
12.6 the Genitourinary system, pathological conditions of the male and femal reproductive system; Inflammations, infections, hereditary, congenital and developmental disorders, other abnormalities and surgical procedures