12.1 urinary tract organs and related terms

  1. bladder
    elastic musculomembranous sac for storing urine
  2. Bowman's capsule
    glomerular capsule of kidney containing cluster of capillary channels (glomerulus)
  3. calix or calyx
    urine-collecting, irregular, saclike structures of renal pelvis
  4. collecting tubules
    terminal collection passages that carry urine to renal pelvis
  5. distal convoluted tubules
    portion of convoluted tubules between Henle's loop and collecting tubules
  6. glomerulus, glomeruli
    coils of capillaries within Bowman's capsule (plural)
  7. Henle's loop
    U-shaped turn in convoluted tubule of kidney, located between proximal and distal ends, with both ascending and descending limbs
  8. hilus
    concave depression on medial margin of kidney through which ureters, blood vessels, and nerves enter
  9. kidneys
    paired abdominal organs that filter blood and produce urine
  10. nephron
    functional and structural unit of kidney, including renal corpuscle and renal tubule
  11. renal corpuscle
    glomerulus and Bowman's capsule
  12. renal cortex
    outer part of kidney, extending between renal pyramids to form renal columns
  13. renal medulla
    inner part of kidney composed of conical structures, called renal pyramids
  14. renal papillae
    narrow, conical ends of renal pyramids
  15. renal pelvis
    reservoir that collects urine, made up of major and minor calices
  16. renal sinus
    kidney cavity containing renal pelvis, blood vessels, nerves and fat
  17. renal tubule
    minute tubule of kidney that secretes, collects, and transports urine and forms part of functional unit, the nephron
  18. uresis
    normal passage of urine
  19. ureter
    tube that carries urine from kidney to bladder
  20. urethra
    tube that carries urine from bladder to surace of body
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