1. Moment when the main character becomes aware of an essential truth about himself or his situation; recognition
  2. Horizontal movement of the camera from a fixed position
  3. Script with the dialogue, descriptions, and all other elements required to tell the story of a film, television show, or other visual story
  4. Series of events in narrative storytelling that occurs after the climax and ends in the resolution or denouement of the story
    Falling Action
  5. Series of events in narrative storytelling that create tension and suspense in building to the climax of the story
    Rising Action
  6. Vertical movement of the camera from a fixed position
  7. Film technique to establish quick passage of time
    Compressed time
  8. Art of movie photography, including camera position and lighting in-telling a story
  9. Point of View Shot
    Camera shot where the camera assumes a subject's view and thus viewers see what the subject sees
  10. Camera shot where the subject is close; used to establish emotional context
  11. Film technique employing detailed shots to stretch out screen time
    Elongated Moment
  12. Films that attempt to capture actual events in the very moment that they occur
    Documentary Cinema
  13. Camera shot where the subjects are at a distance that gives them context, devoting about half of the frame to the actors, emphasizing their surroundings
    Long Shot
  14. A gradual transition from one image to another, usually signifying the passage of time
  15. Gradual transition from image to darkness or the reverse
  16. Camera shot that moves directly toward or away from the subject or alongside the subject through the use of a rolling platform called a dolly
    Tracking Shot
  17. Immediate transition from one moment in a shot to a later moment in the same shot, causing an abrupt shift in the subject's position
    Jump Cut
  18. Camera shot from a large dolly that allows viewing the actors from above or to move up and away from them
    Crane Shot
  19. Camera shot that shows the character who is experiencing action
    Subjective Shot
  20. A gradual transition from one image to another accomplished by the movement of a border, edge, or shape (such as a vertical bar or an expanding circle) between the images
  21. Basic unit of film-making: what the motion picture camera records in a single stretch of time
  22. Uninterrupted shot of an entire scene, usually used as a timing and pacing reference during the editing process
    Master Shot
  23. A set of techniques that seek to make the transitions (or cuts) from shot to shot as unobtrusive and continuous as possible
    Continuity Editing
  24. Films that are purely artistic expressions of light, color, form, shape and movement, without narrative content or documenting intent
    Absolute Cinema
  25. Films that use the same forms and techniques used by theater and literature to tell a story
    Narrative Cinema
  26. Explanatory printed text on cards inserted into a film
    Title Cards
  27. Extended film sequence comprised of many different shots or images, cut together to condense the narrative, or to create a specific impression
  28. Camera shot that establishes the setting of the scene that follows
    Establishment Shot
  29. Form of entertainment that employs a sequence of images giving the illusion of continuous movement to tell a story
  30. Technique of cutting repeatedly between two different sequences, suggesting they are happening simultaneously, or that the events are thematically related
    Cross Cut
  31. Temporary interruption of the chronological progress of the narrative, during which interruption an event of the past is shown
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