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  1. What tributaries are larger than the rivers in America?
    the tributaries of the Amazon
  2. how wide in the Amazon?
    10 miles wide
  3. How much does the river height of the Amazon fluctuate in the rainy season?
    90 feet
  4. How far into the Amazon can you take an ocean going vessel?
    Iquitoes, Peru
  5. What is Iquitos, Peru known for?
    a major oil port
  6. Where is it possible to still get fresh water in the ocean?
    at the very opening to the ocean from the Amazon river
  7. What area in South America is like the west in America?
    The Brazilian Highlands
  8. Brazil moved their capital from Rio De Janeiro to where?
  9. Why did Brazil move their capital from Riod De Janeiro to Brasilia
    Because it was in the center of the Brazilian Highlands and therefore central to the whole country
  10. How did they outline the government buildings in Brasilia?
    like a jetplane
  11. How did they design all the buildings in Brazilia?
    Like the buildings of Frank Lloyd Write
  12. Where is one of the wildest places on earth?
    Guiana Highlands in Venesuela
  13. What area in South America is a lot like the midwest?
  14. Where did they develop Argentina?
    the Pompous
  15. What did they develop in the Pompous?
    great big ranches
  16. What countries were part of the Chaco?
    Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina
  17. What area in South America was like the savanna?
  18. Why did the Chaco become populated?
    because they found oil
  19. Britain and Argentina are both fighting over what islands?
    Falkland Islands
  20. What do the Argentinians call the Falkland Islands?
  21. Why do they call it latin America?
    because a large amount of people who live there speak a language that derived from latin
  22. What two South American countries are trying to claim Antarctica?
    • Argentina
    • Chile
  23. How many tourists go to Antarctica every year?
    6-7,000 tourists
  24. Why can't any one country claim Antarctica?
    because it is dedicated to research
  25. What resources have they found in Antarctica?
    • coal
    • oil
  26. how thick is the ice in Antarctica?
    14,000 feet deep
  27. What native group lived in Middle America?
  28. What native people lived in South America orginally?
  29. What people claimed to come to the Americas in 1421?
    the Chinese
  30. What 3 people groups claim to have found America before Columbus?
    • Chinese
    • Irish
    • Vikings
    • Mormons
  31. What do the Mormons claim?
    that they were the lost tride of Israel and Jesus brought them to the new world
  32. What did the Conquistadors want at first?
    precious metals
  33. A lot of conquistadors wouldn't be funded unless they did what?
    promised to convert the people to Christianity (Catholicism)
  34. What Queen got her way in financing Columbus?
    Queen Isabel
  35. What religion is a huge part of the culture of Latin America?
    Roman Catholicism
  36. What conquistador came over to the Incas in Peru?
  37. What was the brutal thing that Pissarro did the natives of Peru?
    • he would decapitate them if they converted
    • he would pour gold down their throats and pull out their fingernails and toenails at the same time if they didn't convert
  38. What did the pope issue to draw the Meridian line to divide the territory in South America?
    Papal bowl
  39. Where did the pope originally draw the Meridian line to divide the territory?
    The Atlantic Ocean
  40. What was it called when the pope gave Spain the area east of the Meridian Line and Portugal got the area to the west?
    The treaty of Torbesillas
  41. Which country decided to keep their whole country in one big lump in South America?
    the Portuguese with Brazil
  42. Which country decided to divide up the land in South America after the treaty of Torbesillas?
  43. Spain decided to divide up their land, what did they call the divisions?
    vice royalties
  44. Who were the vice royalties led by?
    the King's friends
  45. What were the leaders of the vice royalties called?
    vice roys
  46. What was the land that the the vice roys divided the vice royalties into?
  47. What was happening in Europe during the time that the Southern Americans were fighting for their freedom?
    Napoleon was running around taking things over
  48. What was it like in latin America when they were fighting for independence?
    • one big game of King of the Hill
    • one revolution after another
  49. In Paraguay how many presidents did they have in 20 years?
    21 presidents
  50. how many of Paraguay's presidents were assasinated?
  51. What did they did they do in Columbia to solve the part killing issues?
    one party controls the government for 4 years and then control switches over
  52. Where are the places in South America where revolutions start?
    Colleges and Universities
  53. what is the term for a mixed blooded person with Iberian and native?
  54. What percent of Mexicans are mestizos?
  55. How far away is South America from Africa?
    2,000 miles
  56. Where did the Africans first go to when they were brought over to the Americas?
    the Caribbean
  57. What is the term for mixed blood of African and natives
  58. What is the term for a mixed race of white and native?
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