1. Define Ecology
    The scientific study of living things and there enviornment
  2. Define Species
    A group of the same organisims that can produce fertile offspring
  3. define population
    a group of the same living things in one area
  4. define community
    A group of diffrent living things in one area
  5. Define Ecosystem
    a group of organisims in a certain plae with non-living organsims
  6. Define Biome
    A group of ecosystems with the same climate and communites
  7. define biosphere
    a part of the earth where theres life
  8. define autotroph
    An organsim that obtains food through photosynthesis
  9. Define Herbivore
    plant eater
  10. Define Carnivore
    Meat Eater
  11. Omnivore
    eats meet and plants
  12. Define Chemosythetic
    when organsims obtain energy from chemicals
  13. Define Decompsoers
    they all eat dead animals, or non-living things
  14. Define producer
    anything that can make its own food
  15. Define Photosynthesis
    (especially in plants) the synthesis of complex organic materials,especially carbohydrates, from carbon dioxide, water, andinorganic salts, using sunlight as the source of energy and withthe aid of chlorophyll and associated pigments.
  16. Define Biomass
    The amount of living matter
  17. Define Heterotroph
    Cant make there own food, they have to eat other organsims to obtain energy
  18. what are the steps in the water cycle?
    Evaporation, condensation, percipitation, runoff, seepage
  19. Define Denitrification
    when you remove nitrogen from the atmosphere and pass it through the ecosystems
  20. Why is it important for materials needed in life like water, carbon etc. to be recycled?
    Recycling the materials is imporatant because if you dont recycle eventually we will run out.
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