adjus midterm

  1. what is probable cause
    a likelihood that that a crime has been or will be committed.
  2. what is the totality of circumstances?
    specific facts that are put together to reach a reasonable conclusion.
  3. example of a good faith exception?
    a cop is in hot pursuit and knows where the the suspect goes in therefore the crime is in progress officers sees where where criminal goes in so he kicks in the door and shoots the suspect therefore all of the evidence in the apartment can be used in court.
  4. the 3 main components of criminal justice system
    • law enforcement
    • courts
    • corrections
  5. 1967 president linden Johnson what cj is all about?
    • to control crime
    • to prevent crime
    • to provide and maintain justice
  6. what is UCR?
    uniform crime report: the data of 1700 police reports for the year.
  7. what is discretion?
    when a police officer use their own judgement in deciding which offenses to punish and which to ignore.
  8. what is the fourth amendment?
    prohibition against unreasonable search and seizures and the requirement of probable cause to issue a warrant.
  9. what is the exclusionary rule?
    prohibits the use of illegally seized evidence.
  10. what is the fifth amendment?
    protects people from self incrimination that can obscure them from a fair trial. and protects a criminal from being treated from the same crime twice known as double jeopardy.
  11. when is a Miranda right not required?
    when they are asking questions that will not incriminate a criminal such as name, age, and questioning witness.
  12. taking the fifth while no prejudice in jury?
    Adamson Vs. California. (1947)
  13. what is a Indetermined sentence?
    in between minimum to maximum sentence
  14. What is a Detemined sentence
    a fixed sentence that can not be changed.
  15. what is the 3 strikes law?
    it was established in 1993 criminals on their 3rd felony will go to prison for life.
  16. How long is the 3 strikes sentence in California?
    in California is a indeterment sentence of 25 to life for a 3 strike felony,
  17. What is probation?
    A suspended sentence, under the supervision of a probation officer under the terms and conditions imposed by the court.(before prison)
  18. What is a Parole?
    A condition release from state prison.(after prison and must be petition for.)
  19. what is W&I or wic 300?
    dependency children that are dependent.
  20. what is W&I wic 600
    delinquency children that have committed crimes like murder
  21. what does Parens patriae do?
    the doctrine holds the state responcible for the careof children and assume role of parents.
  22. Define Cyber Crime.
    an illegal act against computer or part of it for the wrongful use or abuse of software.
  23. what is terrorism?
    it is the use of violence against a person or property to further the political goals for formation or destruction ogf a particular government.
  24. what makes terrorism more dangerous?
    mixes not only political goals, but it also mixes religious beliefs to obtain political goals which makes it more dangerous.
  25. against Deadly force case
    Garner vs Tennessee
  26. types of conditions for probation name 3 of them.
    • 1 standar condition: reporting regularly , notifying change of address, not leaving jurisdiction without permission, remaining employed.
    • 2 punitive condition: intended to increase punishment of the offender, it includes fines, community service, restitution, drug testing and home confinement.
    • 3. treatment condition: require undergo drug or alcohol treatment and seek other kinds of treatments as anger control.
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