world geo. vocab

  1. appalachian mountains
    the mountains in the eastern hemisphere.
  2. great plains
    in the northwest region
  3. canadian shield
    the border for canada
  4. rocky mountains
    the mountains in the west region
  5. great lakes
    the lakes in the north , between usa & canada
  6. permafrost
    when the ground is frosty at all times
  7. prevailing westerlies
    goin to the west ?
  8. everglades
    the evergreen part of usa
  9. mackenzie river
    the river somewhere in the usa
  10. nomad
    a place in the usa
  11. beringia
    i honestly dont knoe
  12. st lawrence river
    the river in the south east region
  13. lock
    to hold together or keep closer
  14. migration
    to move someplace else
  15. columbian exchange
    columbians exchange goods
  16. louisiana purchase
    columbia buys terrotory & land
  17. frontier
    where a battle was fought
  18. suburb
    in the country & far out land
  19. representative democracy
    idk ..
  20. export
    to ship away
  21. free enterprice
    free buying or trading
  22. service industry
    a working enviorment
  23. postindustrial
    idk im sorry.
  24. multinnational
    multiple nations together
  25. new england
    the kings & soildiers who came from england claiming us terretory
  26. megalopolis
    a huge teretory ?
  27. the midwest
    the land in the middle of the west
  28. the south
    a slave states in the southern part of america
  29. metropolitian area
    a very political area in america ?
  30. the west
    very rural area , best for crop building
  31. province
    the area someone lives in ?
  32. dominion of canada
    person who lives in canada & follows their laws ?
  33. confederation
    the political group of people who make things
  34. parliamentary government
    part of mixed governments together working
  35. parlament
    a political law making group ?
  36. prime minister
    a very important person who is in charge amung most court reviews ?
  37. first nations
    the first nations that we're established
  38. metis
    i dont know ?
  39. reserve
    to safe or keep hold for a while
  40. atlantic provinces
    the atlantic property that got tooken up by people ?
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