3003 chap 5

  1. third step of the three step writing process
    • revising message
    • producing
    • proofreading
    • distributing
  2. revision process
    • focus on
    • content
    • organization
    • tone
  3. after confirming the content, organization and tone of your message
    make a second pass to improve readability
  4. four powerful techniques for improving readability
    • varying your sentence length
    • using shorter paragraphs
    • replacing narrative with lists
    • adding effective headings / subheadings
  5. short sentences
    can be processed quickly and easier for nonnative speakers and translators to intrepret
  6. long sentences
    best way to convey complex ideas, to list a number of related points, or to summarize or preview info
  7. medium sentences
    showing relationships among ideas
  8. heading=
    brief title that tells readers about the content of the section that follows
  9. subheading
    indicate subsections within a major section;
  10. headings and subheadings help in three important ways
    • show readers at glance how material is organized
    • call attention to important points
    • highlight connection and transitions between ideas
  11. four editing steps helps you reduce the length of your documents and make them faster and easier to read
    • deleting unnecessary words, phrases, sentences
    • shortening long words and phrases
    • eliminating redundancies
    • recasting "it is. there are" starters
  12. typefaces
    refers to the physical design of letters, numbers, and other text characters.
  13. type style
    refers to any modification that lends contrast or emphasis to type, including boldface, italic, underlining and color.
  14. multimedia document
    contains a combination of text, graphics, photographs, wudio, animation, video, and interactivity
  15. distributing your message
    • cost
    • convenience
    • time
    • security and privacy
  16. revision consists of three main tasks
    • evaluating content, organization, tone
    • reviewing for readability
    • editing for clarity conciseness
  17. list four techniques improve readability
    • varying sentence length
    • keeping paragraphs short
    • using lists and bullets
    • adding headings and subheadings
  18. clarify your messages
    • break up overly long sentences
    • rewrite hedging sentences
    • impose parralism
    • correct dangling modifiers
    • reword long noun sequencs
    • replace camouflaged verbs
    • clarify sentence structure
    • clarify awkward references.
  19. four software tools
    • spell checker
    • thesaurus
    • grammar checker
    • style checker
  20. four principles of effective design
    • consistency
    • balance
    • restraint
    • detail
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