1. Why was the Constitution needed?
    • *Articles of confederation had several apparent shortcomings.
    • *Couldn't compose taxes
    • *Couldn't regulate trade between stage
    • *Couldn't raise and mantain a military
    • *Consisted of 1 branch, Legislative
  2. Convention
    • *First one met in Philadelphia in May 1786 to revise of confederation.
    • *Georgia sent four delegates;
    • William Pierce
    • William Houston
    • William Few
    • Abraham Baldwin
  3. Georgia and the Constitution
    • *Opposed a ban on slavery
    • *Supported creating a strong central goverment
    • *Georgia needed help protecting its vast frontier from Indian Raids by the Creeks
  4. Abraham Baldwin
    • *A Georgia delegate to the convention, forced a tie with Houston causing the question of representation to go in commitee.
    • *Resulted in the Great Compromise, creation of the Senate and House of Representatives.
  5. Outline of the Constitution
    • *Preamble: Introduces the concept of "Popular sovereignty"
    • *The articles: Established the foundation of our government
    • *The Amendments Guarantee certain rights to all citizens
  6. Ratification
    *Requires formal approval by 9 states*Despite problems with the articles of confederation. Some were unsure of this new constitution. GA became the 4 to ratify the Constitution.
  7. Amendment Procedure
    • *A bill must pass both houses of the legislature by a 2/3 majority in each
    • *Once the bill has passed both houses it goes on to the states
    • *Passed in states by simple majority vote
  8. Bill of Rights
    • *Provided a list of rights for all people
    • *Helped to dissipate concerns of too powerful of a national government
    • *New amendments can be added
    • *There are currently 27 amendments
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