1. 1) On this site, they say that by planting trees in the humid tropics they can capture about ___ times more Carbon dioxide than they can, for the same dollar, in a place like the US.

  2. 2) click on "projects" and select Kenya... see what they have to say about the challenges of working in a country such as Kenya. Specifically, answer this; only __% of Kenya's original forest remains untouched. A) 7 B) 12 D) 3 E) 1
  3. 3) click on the "get involved" button, and select, "Donate". Click to donate online. don't worry about selecting how to pay.. you don't need to.. just go ahead till you see what it costs to plant each tree... is it

  4. 1) Although he doesn't have a high school degree, Hanuman Ramhas attended college. What college did he go to?
    Barefoot College
  5. 2) In this village, nearly all of the solar power is used for what purpose?

  6. 3) At the local store in Gudda, owner Ram Swarup puts his solar panels to maximum use. He says the solar lights have allowed him to increase his business by a third. The panels also have powered up the only ____ _________ ______ _____________in the village.
    DVD player and television
  7. 1) From this site on food and fuel competition; The food price index of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, based on export prices for 60 internationally traded foodstuffs, climbed ____ percent last year(2007).

  8. 2) Which oil producing plant is being widely planted in the tropics, requiring the clearing of millions of acres of rain forests?
    oil palms
  9. 3) What country was the world's largest importer of palm oil in 2007?
  10. 4) Biofuels accounted for almost half the increase in worldwide demand for vegetable oils in 2007, and represented ___ percent of total consumption of the oils.

  11. 5) Is it fair that people in the wealthier countries of the world can afford to pay the higher costs of oils, even using it to fuel their diesel cars and trucks, while the world's poorest families find they are having to cut back on food, from an already limited diet. (OK, that's a rhetorical question... not a factual question.. but the underlying point of the article)
    Of course not.
  12. 1) If high tech solutions are what get the most press and attention, what is the "low hanging fruit" that the author says would be the most effective in the short term? (This isn't a one-word answer, but a sentence answer)
    The gains to be had from making existing technologies more efficient.
  13. 2) For each dollar of economic product, the United States spews more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere than ____ of 135 countries tracked in the indicators of the International Energy Agency.

  14. 3) Per-capita carbon dioxide emissions by households in the United States and Canada are the highest in the world, in part because of ________ __________.
    bigger homes
  15. 1) what two schools started recyclmania?
    Ohio University and Miami University
  16. 2) How many schools participated in recyclemania 2009?

  17. 3) In 2004, RecycleMania partnered with the U.S. _____________________________ WasteWise program to enhance and expand the competition, and the initiative won the National Recycling Coalition's Outstanding Recycling Innovation Award. fill in with

  18. 1) According to this article, drying clothes in electric clothes dryers uses ___% of homeowner electricity use in the US.

  19. 2) British filmmaker Steven Lake thinks that the idea of rules against drying in the land of the free is simply absurd, and is making a movie to be called " ________ ___ _________"
    Drying For Freedom
  20. 3) " Elleven, Los Angeles' first condo building to receive the U.S. Green Building Council's gold LEED rating for environmentally conscious design, has sustainable bamboo flooring... " do they also encourage residents to use a clothes line?
  21. In this story about community level electricity storage what large utility company is taking the initiative to set this up?
    American Electric Power
  22. Is the company paying for the $75 million or someone else? ( in fact, 75 million is not the entire costs of the project)
    No, the Department of Energy
  23. What state is this project in?
  24. at 75 million for 110,000 homes, this will average out to $700 per household. If divided up into monthly payments, at $ 15 dollars extra per month, it would be payed for in less that 4 years.
  25. Running energy hungry appliances at night could save as much as 1,000 megawatts, or ___ % of the country's TOTAL energy use.

  26. What kind of meters would be needed to implement this scheme?

  27. here IBM has developed a carbon counter program so that companies to calculate, if they choose to, the carbon footprint of

  28. start with calculating a home's value. Try the numbers for my home, zip code is 45701, I do not use any natural gas, our home only has electricity, and our electricity bill at $112 (higher than average because we don't use any natural gas) and gas bill at 0 "calculate" that and you get about:

  29. If you then go to "see your results" (upper right corner) you can see what it would cost to offset your home's emissions for a year with green tags.. (GHG emissions credits) for how much?

  30. In this article from early 2010, what country abandoned plans to implement a "carbon tax"?
  31. Was the tax going to exempt some industries but not others?
    Yes, such as truckers and fishing and boating.
  32. Was it claimed by proponents that the tax would be revenue neutral, that is, the increased cost of energy would be offset by lowered taxes in other places?
  33. fill in the blank "consumers, who could expect to see a $ __ -a-gallon increase in the price of gasoline and a $70 increase in the average monthly household electric bill once the taxes were fully phased in over 10 years"

  34. Was Exxon Mobile listed as a company supporting a tax, or preferring a cap-and-trade regulatory scheme?
    Carbon tax
  35. How long does it take a dairy cow to produce about 90 kilograms of methane? (that's about 170 lbs, or 3,500 lbs as carbon equivalent)
    One year
  36. In this article, an example of technology leapfrogging into developing countries, what country is manufacturing the solar powered cell phones?

  37. What utility company has agreed to purchase all the power from this Ohio solar farm, once it is built? B) Duke Energy C) Green Energy Partners D) AEP
  38. The company chosen to build the solar panels has agreed tobuild a factory in Ohio. That company is actually headquartered in

  39. The benchmark requirements ramp up annually to a total of ____ % by the end of 2024. Hmmm... how much solar energy, again, 15 years from now?

  40. 1) In what city did the authorities resort to a lottery system to limit the number of license plates, in what seems the most fair method?

  41. 2) The authorities are limiting the number of license plates to ___________, after last year saw 800,000 new cars added.

  42. In this youtube video from India, how was the business using solar energy?

  43. 1) What country did William Kamkwamba grow up in?

  44. 2) What everyday object did you see in the windmill that William put together?

  45. 3) What does William say his dream is for his future? That is, what does he want to do with his life?
    Finish his education and start his own windmill company.
  46. 4) William says that most people want to take advantage of new technology, like the knowledge that is available on the internet, but to do that they need reliable ________________
  47. 1) In Guatemala, student engineers Engineers without Borders are installing simple wind turbines. The small amount of electricity they generate will help replace the use of __________ lamps, which are responsible for illness due to the smoke produced.
  48. 2) will these wind turbines, designed by Engineers Without Borders, be manufactured in the US or in Guatemala?
  49. The Obama administration and the automakers have come to an agreement to raise the future CAFE standards. These new standards set goals for fuel economy out to the year

  50. The goal is to have the average new car getting approximately ____ mpg by that date.

  51. Under the new CAFE standards would plug-in electric cars be calculated into the fleet average, helping automakers reach these goals? yes no (look at the figure caption)
  52. Did automakers supporting the proposed rules include GM and Honda? Yes No
  53. 1) U.S. ethanol production this year will consume ___ percent of the world's corn supply, up from 10 percent in 2008.

  54. 2) In the global debate on food-versus-fuel, many, Like French President Sarkosy, have blamed _____________.

  55. 3) In the US, manufacturers of bioethanol are given a tax rebate check, at the rate of ___ cents per gallon. (that's money from the federal budget)

  56. What corporation is saying they will invest several billions of dollars on this renewable energy project off the east coast of the US?
  57. The total project, if completed, would generate an estimated 600 MW of power, enough, they say, for ______ homes.

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