History 102 Test 2

  1. Enlightenment
    • began with Locke and Isaac Newton
    • viewed as radical from most of the European countries
    • this idea creates classical music, books, masons etc.
  2. Philosophes
    • Nothing to be accepted on faith, only reason
    • human society had laws
    • progress was possible
  3. Three Estates
    • 1st- Clergy(100,000)
    • 2nd- Nobility (fighters-400,000)
    • 3rd- Peasants and Bourgeoise (24 mil)
  4. The Encyclopedia
    • First one made
    • Contained loads of information
    • Produced by Enlightenment
  5. Louis XVI
    • Inherited massive debt from father
    • Weak
    • Unable to deal with Frances Problems
  6. The Bastille
    • A fortress in Paris
    • Was stormed by 3rd Estate and freed few prisoners and stole ammunition and firearms
  7. Declaration of the Rights of Man
    • was formed from the National Assembly in France
    • gave the citizens of France rights
  8. Committee of Public Safety
    caused Reign of Terror(12 men ruled and had unlimited power)
  9. Levee En Masse
    • 1st Military Draft
    • Creates the French NATION
    • Biggest Army ~ 600,000 men
  10. Guillotine
    • Made as part of Enlightenment
    • Clean kill
  11. Free Trade
    Countries trade money/goods for other goods/supplies
  12. Enclosure
    Rich land owners blocked their private land from the middle and poor classes
  13. Industrialization
    • machines, in urban factories, with unskilled labor, replacing artisanal labor
    • literally powered by steam engine
  14. British East India Company
    • Originally brought in as "tax farmers"(have power to raise taxes)
    • Company began to acquire more and more territory in order to secure and impose political order in India
  15. "Crown Jewel"
  16. Anglicization
    Spreading or making another culture more English/British
  17. Sati
    Ritual sacrifice done by Buddhist Monks in India
  18. Thuggees
    Basically Indias version of Thugs
  19. Tanzimat
    • restructuring; was opposed by janissaries and the "ulema
    • pushed by the British to modernize the Ottoman Empire
  20. Realpolitik
    • the politics of tough minded realism
    • neither liberal nor conservative
    • sought to engage the world as it was, not as idealists thought it would be
  21. Essays
    • 1. What were the causes and consequences of the
    • French Revolution?

    • 2. What were the causes and consequences of the
    • Industrial Revolutions?

    • 3. How and
    • why did the Europeans first colonize and then rule Africa and India?

    • 4. How did the non-Western countries—the
    • Ottomans, China, Russia and Japan—react and engage with the
    • imperial Western powers?
  22. Zaibatsu
    In Japan- corporations formed to power the 2nd Industrial Revolution
  23. 2nd Industrial Revolution
    • Uses Electricity, Petroleum, and Steel
    • Allows for an unprecedented level of production
  24. Meiji Restoration
    • Shogunate cannot resist foreigners, which erodes its prestige
    • Reform-minded daimyo stage a takeover and restore the Emporer to power
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