Ch2 Salon Ecology

  1. What is the importance as a cosmotoligst to understand salon ecology?
    Enables you to prevent the unecessary spend of diease and to preform first aid
  2. Define Microbiology
    The study of small living organisims called microbs such as bacteria
  3. What is the importance of basic knowledge in Microbiology
    So you can prevent the spred of disease through proper disinfection.
  4. Define Bacteria
    Germs or Microbs that are one celled micro-organisms
  5. What is Bacteriology?
    The study of bacteria
  6. Nonpathogenic
    (Saprophytes) Live on dead matter and are non-disease producing bacteria
  7. Pathogenic
    Live everywhere in your enviornment and body and are harmful because they cause infection, disease and toxins.
  8. Spherical or round
  9. Bar or rod
  10. Spiral or corkscrew
  11. What is septisemia?
    Invasion and persistance of pathogenic bacteria in the blood stream
  12. Active Stage
    Bacteria grow and reporduce rapidly, usually in dark damp and dirty areas.
  13. Inactive Stage
    When conditions are unfavorable, cells die or become inactive and caneven create sphyrical spores that are not harmed by disinffectants, heat or cold.
  14. What are flagella?
    Hair like projections that help bacteria propel cell through liquid.
  15. Define Viruses
    Sub-microscopic particals that cause familar diseases.
  16. What does PSW stand for?
    Personal Service Worker
  17. HBV
    HUman Hepititas B, a higly infectious disease that infects the liver.
  18. AIDS
    Acquired Immunodeficency Syndrome (Disease caused by HIV)
  19. HIV
    Human Immunosupprecant Viruse (intereres with the bodys natural immune system and causes it to breakdown)
  20. What is an external parasite?
    Organisms that live on or obtain their nutriants from another organism.
  21. Itch Mite
    Insects that cause contagious dieseases (i.e. Scabies)
  22. Head Lice
    Insects that causes head itching, reddness, and small bite marks on scalp.
  23. WHat happens when disease causing bacteria or viruses enter the body and multiply to the point of interfering with the bodys normal state?
    You get an infection.
  24. What is a blood born pathogin?
    Disease causing bacteria or viruses that are carried through blood or body fluids.
  25. Local Infection
    Located in small confined area. Often indicated by pus filled boil, pimple, or inflamed area
  26. General Infection
    Occurs when circulatory system carries bacteria and other toxins to all parts of the body.
  27. Asymtomatic Carrier
    Person who carries a disease producing bateria or viruses with no recognizable sysmptoms of disease.
  28. Unerversal Precautions
    Where same infections control proceedures should be used with ALL clients.
  29. What is Immunity?
    The ability of the body to destroy infectious agents that enter the body.
  30. Natural Immunity
    Is partally inherited, natural resistance to disease.
  31. Passive (Aquired) Immunity
    Developed through the injection of antigons, which stimulate the body's immune response
  32. What are the 3 main catagories of infection control?
    Sanitation, Disinfection, and Sterilization
  33. Sanitation
    Process of removing dirt to aid prevention of the growth of microbs
  34. Disinfection
    Destroying or killing bacteria and a broad spectrum of viruses on nonporous serfaces.
  35. Sterilization
    To destroy or kill ALL microbs.
  36. OSHA
    Occupational Safty & Health Administration.
  37. What is OSHA?
    THe regulating agency under the Dept. of Labor that enforces safty and health standards in the work place.
  38. MSDS stands for?
    Material Safty Data Sheets
  39. What is the purpose of an EPA regulation number?
    Ensures product is safe and effective
  40. What is a broad spectrum disinfectant?
    Group of disinfetantsthat kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and pseudomonas (sudomonnas).
  41. Brush and comb disinfection steps:
    Remove all hair, wash comb/brush throughly with soap and water, rinse brush/comb and pat dry, immerse brush/comb completly in disinfection solution, remove brush/comb, store in disinfected covered container.
  42. Blood Spill Procedure
    Stop service, wash hands, cover hands, apply anseptic, dress/cover injury with right dressing, cover injured area, clean and disinfect implements and workstation with broad spectrum disinfectant, Double bag all blood soiled articals and labelbag hazordious, remove gloves & clean hands with liquid soup, return to client and continue service.
  43. What is the Good Samaritan Law?
    Law that give protection to the people who provide emergancy care to ill or injured persons.
  44. Explain how ultra sonic cleaners work:
    They use high frequency sound waves to create a cleansing action that cleans area on implements or tools that are difficult to reach with a brush.
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