Mass Wasting

  1. What is Mass wasting?
    Movement caused by gravity, in which rock, soil, and debris moves downslope in bulk.
  2. What is landslide?
    A general term for the downslope movement, fasr or slow, of rock, soil, and debris.
  3. What is creep?
    The very slow, continous downslope movement of rock, soil, and debris.
  4. What is Soliflucation?
    The downslope movement of water saturated material occuring within permafrost areas.
  5. What is Debris flow?
    A rapid downslope movment of debris (rock, soil, and mud).
  6. What is Earthflow?
    A slow rapid form of slope failure in which the debris moves downslope as a viscious fluid.
  7. What is Mudflow?
    A flowing mixture of debris (mud and water) usually within some type of channel or swale area.
  8. What is Lahar?
    A mudflow consisting of volcanic debris.
  9. What is Debris Avalache?
    A very rapid and turbolent failure of debris consisting of air, and water.
  10. What is Slump?
    Downslope movement in which material fails along a curved surface of rapture.
  11. What is Rockslide?
    A rock mass that fails along a plane of weakness (e.g., bedding plane and joint plane).
  12. What is Rockfall?
    Rocks falling freely or bouncing down a cliff.
  13. What is Talus?
    An accumulation of broken rock at the base of a cliff.
  14. What is Subsidence?
    The sinking o setting of the ground surface with respect to surrounding areas.
  15. What is Caves/mines?
    A naturally formed underground chamber.
  16. What is Fluid Removal (water and oil)?
    Removing water and oil from the compound, debris or soil.
  17. What is Gravity?
    (force of attraction between two bodies)
    Gravity attemps to bring over-steepened sloped into equilibrium.
  18. What is Shear force?
    The component of gravitational force that is perpindicular to the surface.
  19. What is Shear resistence?
    A resisting force which acts against the shier force, typically a function of friction and normal force.
  20. What is Shear strength?
    The resistance to movement or deformation of material.
  21. What is Normal fualt?
    The hanging-wall block moved down relative to the footwall block.
  22. What is Water?
    Adds weight, reduces the shear strength of the rock and soil, lubricates etc.
  23. What is Earthquake?
    (Induce shaking)
    This type of motion can cause ground cracks, landslides, ground lurching, and liquification.
  24. What if Overloading?
    The placement of addition material of weight along the top of a slope, therby creating on vastable slope condition.
  25. What is Undercutting?
    The removal of support from the base of a slope.
  26. What is Adverse geologic structure?
    Bedding planes, fracutures, and joints.
  27. What is Miscellaneous?
    Vibrations from traffic, large explosions.
  28. What is gravity in Control and prevations?
    Buttress fill slopes, retaining walls, tieback anchors, caissons, soldier piles, etc.
  29. What is water in Control and prevention?
    Good drainage, planting, covering areas with impervious layers, dewarting wells (vertical and horizontal etc.)
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