Reactive (power)

  1. Reactive Training
    -Rate of force production
    • Exercises that use quick, powerful movements involving an eccentric contraction immediately followed by an explosive concentric contraction
    • -Goal is to increase rate of force production or ability of muscles to exert max force output in minimal time
  2. Integrated performance paradigm
    To move with efficiency, forces must be reduced (eccentrically), stabilized (isometrically), and then produced (concentrically)
  3. Stabilization Level
    • -Establish optimum landing mechanics, postural alignment, and reactive neuromuscular efficiency
    • -Squat jump with stabilization, Box jump up with stabilization, Box Jump down with stabilization, multiplanar jump with stabilization
  4. Strength Level
    • More dynamic, eccentric and concentric movements
    • -Specificity, speed and neural demand progressed
    • -Improve dynamic joint stabilization, eccentric strength, rate of force production and and neuromuscular efficiency of kinetic chain
    • -Squat jump, Tuck jump, Butt kick, Power step up
  5. Power Level
    • -Improve rate of force production, eccentric strength, reactive strength, reactive joint stabilization, dynamic neuromuscular efficiency, and optimum force production
    • -Ice skater, single leg power step up, proprioceptive plyometrics: cones and hurdles
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Reactive (power)
Reactive (power)