Skills Lab Meds 6-10

  1. Percocet
    Generic Name: Oxycodone

    Trade Name: Percocet

    Pt Name: Pain pill
  2. Percocet Therapeutic Effects
    Decreased pain
  3. Percocet Adverse and Common Side Effects
    • Common in italics

    • * NAUSEA
    • * Constipation
    • *Orthostatic hypotension
  4. Percotet Pt/ Family Education
    • * May cause drowsiness or dizziness
    • *Advise pt to make position changes slowly to minimize orthostatic hypotension
    • *Encourage pt to turn, cough, and breathe deeply every 2 hr to prevent atelectasis (collapsed or airless condition of the lung)
  5. Lasix
    Generic Name: Furosemide

    Trade Name: Lasix

    Pt. Name: Water pill, diuretic, pill to make you urinate
  6. Lasix Therapeutic Effects
    * Diuresis and subsequent mobilization of excess fluid (edema, pleural effusions)

    * Decreased blood pressure
  7. Lasix Adverse and Common Side Effects
    • *Hypotension
    • *Dehydration
    • *Hypochloremia
    • *Hypomagnesemia
    • *Hyponatremia
    • *Hypovolemia
    • *Metabolic alkalosis
  8. Lasix Pt / Family Education
    * Caution pt to make position changes slowly to minimize orthostatic hypotension

    *Instruct pt to contact healthcare professional if muscle weakness, cramps, dizziness, numbess, or tingling of extremities occur.
  9. Lipitor
    Generic Name: Atorvastatin

    Trade Name: Lipitor

    Pt Name: Cholesterol pill
  10. Lipitor Therapeutic Effects
    * Lowering of total and LDL cholesterol and tryglicerides, slightly increased HDL cholesterol.

    * Reduction of lipids / cholesterol reduces the risk of MI and stroke sequelae
  11. Lipitor Adverse and Common Side Effects
    • * RHABDOMYOLYSIS ( accumulation of byproducts of skeletal muscle that can produce fatal renal failure)
    • *Rashes
    • *Abdominal cramps
    • *Constipation
    • *Diarrhea
    • *Flatus
    • *Heartburn
  12. Lipitor Pt / Family Education
    *Instruct pt to contact healthcare professional if unexplained muscle pain, tenderness, or weakness occurs, especially if accompanied by fever and malaise.

    * Instruct female pts to notify health professional promptly if pregnancy is planned or suspected, or if breastfeeding.

    *Advise pt this medication should be used in conjunction with diet restrictions.
  13. Micro-K
    Generic Name: Potassium Chloride

    Trade Name: Micro-K

    Pt Name: Potassium supplement
  14. Micro-K Therapeutic Effects
    * Replacement and prevention of deficiency of potassium
  15. Micro-K Adverse and Common Side Effects
    • *Abdominal pain
    • *Diarrhea
    • *Flatus
    • *Nausea
    • *Vomiting
  16. Micro-K Pt / Family Education
    * Instruct pt to report dark, tarry, or bloody stools, weakness, unusual fatigue, or tingling of lower extremeties

    *Do not chew or crush enteric coated tablets
  17. Synthroid
    Generic Name: Levothyroxine

    Trade Name: Synthroid

    Pt Name: Thyroid pill / Hormones
  18. Synthroid Therapeutic Effects
    • *Replacement of hypothyrodism to resotre normal hormonal balance
    • *Supression of thyroid cancer
  19. Synthroid Adverse and Common Side Effects
    • *Sweating
  20. Synthroid Pt / Family Education
    * Advise pt to notifiy healthcare professional if excessive sweating, nervouness, heat intolerance, chest pain, increased pulse rate

    *Advise pt therapy is lifelong
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