Quiz 2

  1. Cold Cream
    • Cetyl ester wax=Spremaceti
    • White wax
    • Mineral oil
    • Sodium borate
    • P Water
  2. Cetyl ester wax
    White wax=beeswax
    Oleagious componenets of emulsion base (cream oil phase) Stiffening agents
  3. Mineral oil
    levigating agent
  4. Sodium borate
    emlusifiying agent
  5. P water
    Vehicle for cream water phase
  6. Calamine lotion
    • Calamine
    • and zince oxide
    • Glycering
    • Microcyrstalline cellulose, carboxymethyl celllulose:CMC
    • Ca hydroxide sol
  7. Calamine
    Zince oxide
    active ingredients ( antiseptic, astringent, protective)
  8. Glycerin
    levigating/wetting agent; also preservative effect
  9. Microcrysalline cellulose, and carboxymethyl cellulose:CMC
    suspending agents: thickening agents
  10. Ca hydroxide sol=lime water
    vehical (with astringent property)
  11. Zinc oxide paste
    • Zinc oxide: active ingrediant
    • Starch
    • White petrolatum
  12. Zinc oxide
    active ingredient ( asgringent, disinfectant)
  13. Starch
    Diluent (to add bulk)) with protectie adn humidity- removing property
  14. White petrolatum
    oleaginous oitnment base
  15. Prioxicam alcoholic gel
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