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    • Which system uses oxygen to help produce energy?
    • A) The ATP
    • B) The Anaerobic energy system
    • C) The Aeribic energy system
    • C) The Aerobic energy system.
    • Remember: air sounds like aerobic.
  1. Which system does not use oxygen to produce energy?
    A) The aerobic energy system
    B) The anaerobic energy system?
    B) The anaerobic energy system
  2. What is the abreviation for adenosine triphosphate?
  3. What is ATP?
    Is is the energy source that makes our muscles work.
  4. True or false?
    The aerobic energy system ladts for ten seconds.
    False: the aerobic energy system can last for a very long time because it converts oxygen into energy. There is an unlimited supply of oxygen available unless you were in outer space! It is the ATP energy system that only lasts ten seconds (it is an anerobic system).
  5. True or false.?
    The anerobic energy system produces lactic acid which causes tiredness (fatigue) in muscles.
    True. This is why the anaerobic system cant last veru long (2-3mins).
  6. Why cant you keep sprinting for 1kilometer?
    Due to lactic acid. Because when you sprint you are using the anaerobic system and it produces lactic acid which makes your muscles sore.
  7. Is the aerobic energy system used for high or low-medium intensity exercise?
    Low - medium intensity.
  8. What does the word intensity mean?
    How hard you are exercising.
  9. What are the three key points to remember about the anaerbic energy system?
    • It only lasts 2 mins.
    • It is used during high intensity exercise.
    • Lactic acid is produced causing fatigue in muscles.
  10. What are the three key points to remember about the aerobic energy system?
    • It uses oxygen to help produce energy.
    • It is used during low-medium intensit exercise.
    • Lactic acid is not produced.
  11. Which energy system is used during a 100meter sprint? And why?
    The Anaerobic energy system because a sprint is a high intensity exercise and it lasts only 10-15 seconds.
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