ar verbs

  1. admirar
    to admire
  2. arreglar
    to arrange, fix
  3. ayudar
    to help
  4. bailar
    to dance
  5. bajar
    to go down, descend, to lower, to get off, to download
  6. borrar
    to erase
  7. buscar
    to look for
  8. cambiar
    to change
  9. caminar
    to walk
  10. cantar
    to sing
  11. celebrar
    to celebrate
  12. cocinar
    to cook
  13. contestar
    • to answer
    • *synonym to responder
  14. comprar
    to buy
  15. cortar
    to cut
  16. dar
    • to give
    • yo doy
  17. decorar
    to decorate
  18. descansar
    to rest
  19. dibujar
    to draw
  20. ensanar
    to teach, to show: pictures, what doing, phone...
  21. entrar (en)
    to enter (into)
  22. escuchar
    to listen (to)
  23. esperar
    to wait, to hope
  24. estudiar
    to study
  25. explicar
    to explain
  26. ganar
    to win, to earn money
  27. gastar
    to spend money
  28. gritar
    to shout
  29. hablar
    to speak
  30. invitar
    to invite, to pay for
  31. lavar
    to wash
  32. llamar
    to call
  33. llegar
    to arrive
  34. llevar
    to carry, take (physically from one place to another), to wear
  35. mirar
    to look at
  36. montar
    to ride (a horse, bicycle)
  37. nadar
    to swim
  38. necesitar
    to need
  39. pagar
    to pay (for)
  40. pasar
    to pass, to spend time
  41. patinar
    to skate
  42. practicar
    to practice
  43. preguntar
    to ask
  44. preparar
    to prepare
  45. regresar
    to return
  46. sacar
    to take out, to take (photo)
  47. terminar
    to finish, end
  48. tocar
    to touch, to play (a musical instrument)
  49. tomar
    to take (e.g., medicine), to drink
  50. trabajar
    to work
  51. usar
    to use, to wear
  52. viajar
    to travel
  53. visitar
    to visit
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