1. What surrounds and protects the spinal cord?
    • Vertebrae
    • Spinal meninges and CSF
  2. What are epidural spaces in the spinal cord filled with?
    fat and blood vessels
  3. What are the 5 parts of spinal cord protection?
    • 1. vertebrae and spinal canal
    • 2. Epidural space
    • 3. Meninges
    • 4. Spinal cord and dorsal and ventral roots
    • 5. Intervertebral foramen
  4. Spinal Meninges Covering the Spinal Cord:
    Dense irregular CT Tube
    Dura Mater
  5. Spinal Meninges Covering the Spinal Cord:
    Subdural space filled with ________ ______
    Interstitial fluid
  6. Spider web of collagen fibers
  7. Subarachnoid space
  8. Thin layer covers BV
    Denticulate ligs hold in place
    Pia mater
  9. Flattened cylinder
    In adult ends at approximately L1-L2
    External anatomy of spinal cord
  10. Consists of 31 pairs of spinal nerves
    External Anatomy of Spinal Cord
  11. External Anatomy of Spinal Cord:
    Where is the cervical enlargement?
    Upper limbs
  12. External Anatomy of Spinal Cord:
    Where is the lumbar enlargement?
    Lower limbs
  13. How are the spinal nerves named and numbered?
    Cord level of their origin
  14. What types of nerves are in the spinal nerves?
    Mixed sensory & motor nerves
  15. Cone-shaped end of spinal cord
    Conus medullaris
  16. Thread-like extension of pia mater
    Stabilizes spinal cord in canal
    Filum terminale
  17. Dorsal & ventral roots of lowest spinal nerves
    Caudae equinae (horse’s tail)
  18. Gray Matter of the Spinal Cord:
    Shaped like the letter _____ or a ________
    H; butterfly
  19. Contains neuron cell bodies, unmyelinated axons & dendrites
    Gray Matter of the Spinal Cord
  20. Dorsal gray horn
    Sensory neurons
  21. Ventral gray horn
    Motor neurons
  22. Lateral horns
    Automatic neurons
  23. The Central Canal is continuous with what ventricle of the brain?
    4th ventricle
  24. What surrounds the gray matter of the spinal cord?
    White matter
  25. What contains axons that form ascending & descending tracts
    • Anterior Columns
    • Lateral Columns
    • Posterior White Columns
  26. What do spinal nerves begin as?
  27. Dorsal root ganglion (swelling)
    Cell bodies of sensory nerves
  28. Incoming sensory fibers
    Dorsal or posterior root
  29. Outgoing motor fibers
    Ventral or anterior root
  30. What are the 5 components of the reflex arc?
    • 1. receptor
    • 2. sensory neuron
    • 3. integrating center
    • 4. motor neuron
    • 5. effector
  31. Area of skin supplied by one spinal nerve
  32. What cranial nerve is the skin on face supplied by?
    Cranial Nerve V
  33. Dermatomes:
    How can damaged regions of the spinal cord by distinguished?
    By patterns of numbness over a dermatome region
  34. Injury that severs the cord
    Loss of sensation & motor control below the injury
    Spinal cord transection
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