education test 2

  1. Educable child
    a child moderately severe mental retardation who is capable of achieving only a limited degree of proficiency in basic learning and who usually must be instructed in a special class
  2. flexible scheduling
    a technique for organizing time more effectively to meet the needs of instruction by dividing the school day into uniform time modules that can be combined to fit a task
  3. handicapped learner
    one who is mentally retarded, hard of hearing, deaf, speech-impaired, visually handicap[ed, seriously disturbed emotionally, crippled, or otherwise health-impaired
  4. Herbartian method
    formal system of presenting subject matter to students by using the five formal steps of preparation, association, presentation, generalization, and application
  5. Homogeneous grouping
    the classification of pupils for the purpose of forming an instructional group with a high degree of similarity in regard to certain factors that affect learning
  6. Individual Education Program (IEP)
    the mechanism through which a handicapped child's special needs are indentified; goals, objectives, and services are outlines; and methods for evaluating progress are delineated
  7. Individually prescribed instruction (IPI)
    individualized instruction in a systematic, step-by-step program based on a carefully selected sequence and a detailed listing of behaviorally stated instructional objectives
  8. In loco parentis
    a term used to describe the implied power of schools to function in place of a parent
  9. least restrictive environment
    the program best suited to meet a handicapped child's special needs while remaining as close as possible to the regular educaitonal program
  10. magnet schools
    specialized schools open to all students in a district, sometimes on a lottery basis
  11. mainstreaming
    a plan by which exceptional children receive special education in the regular classroom as much of the time as possible
  12. mastery learning
    an educational practice in which an individual masters one task before moving on to the next
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