Gov Peoplpe 4

  1. William Gardner
    New Hampshire secretary of state; may force Iowa caucus into December 2011
  2. Mary Kay Henry
    President of the SEIV; compares 'occupy wallstreet' to the arab spring
  3. Julius Genachowski
    Chairman of thr FCC; plans to spread wireless to all rural areas
  4. Paul Babeu
    President of the Arizona sherriff's association; demands Eric Holder be held accountable for Fast & Furious
  5. Paul Snyder
    Republican governer of Michigan; pushing state legislature for a new bridge linking Detroit and Canada
  6. Robert Jeffress
    Baptist preacher; described mormonism as a cult; Rick Perry supporter
  7. Charles Plosser
    President of the Philadelphia federal reserve bank; against increased federal bond purchases
  8. Bob King
    President of United Auto Workers; confident new labor deal with big 3 auto makers will be ratified by workers
  9. J. Dennis Hastert
    Former republican speaker of the house; endorsed Mick Romney for president
  10. Scott Brown
    Republican senator from Massachusetts; accused of plagiarism on his online biography
  11. Elizabeth Warren
    Former Harvard professor; front runner to take on Brown in general election
  12. Jesse Jackson Jr.
    Illinois house democrat; calls for new $800 billion work progress administration
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