Americas 10/17/11

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  1. What is the term for when wind comes and takes off the top soil (overburn) by a glacier and leaves only basement rock?
  2. Where in the Canadian Shield?
    Northen Minnesota up into Canada
  3. Where are most of the 25 stratgic minerals?
    The Canadian Shield
  4. What is the climate of the Canadian Shield?
    Continental Sub-Arctic
  5. How cold can it get in central canada?
    40 degrees below
  6. What state's slogan is the "land of 10,000 lakes"?
  7. What geographical feature creates a lot of lakes?
  8. in what region do the Eskimos live?
    the Arctic Coastal Plain
  9. Where in the Arctic Coastal Plain?
    along the northen border of Canada
  10. What kind of climate does the Arctic Coastal Plain have?
  11. What climate is suprisingly milder than the continental subarctic?
    the tundra
  12. how deep can sea ice freeze?
    15 feet deep
  13. why can sea ice only freeze 15 feet deep?
    because of the salt in the water
  14. What kind of food do the Eskimos typically live on?
    • seals
    • water fishing
  15. When was oil discovered in teh Arctic Coastal Plain?
    after WWII
  16. Where exactly was oil discovered in teh Arctic Coastal Plain?
    the North Banks
  17. What forest in tha Arctic Coastal Plain has a buttload of oil?
    the Anwar Forest
  18. How did people get to Middle and South America?
    • from Siberia to Alaska
    • acroess the Pacific Ocean
  19. Where is the largest part of the land-bridge?
  20. What are the two large mountain ranges in mexico?
    • Sierra Mandre Oriental
    • Sierra Mandre Occidental
  21. what does Oriental mean?
  22. What does Occedental mean?
  23. What are the tallest mountains in all the Americas?
    the Andes Mountains
  24. since the Andes mountains are so young what does that mean?
    they are very active
  25. Where do they like to build cities in the Andes mountains?
    5,000-12,000 ft
  26. How tall are the Andes Mountains?
    a little over 22,000 feet
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