chapter 9

  1. how does metamorphic rock form?
    crust is exposed to rising pressure and temp
  2. what are metamorphic rocks composed of?
    sedimentary, igneous or metamorphic minerals that have been crystalized
  3. what is metamorphism?
    • caused by heat and pressure
    • tectonic processes create regions of high heat flow and high pressure
  4. about how much does the heat along geothermal gradient increase?
    30 degrees
  5. at temperatures between 150 and 250, clay minerals become _____ and ________
    unstable, crystalize
  6. in addition to heat and pressure what do chemically active fluids do?
    transport heat and promote crystalization
  7. as you increase the temp and pressure the grade of metamorphic rock increases (T/F)
  8. what are the order of the metamorphic rocks as your increase the grade?
  9. _______ is a parent rock
  10. what is foliated texture?
    produced by directed stress related to raginal metamorphism
  11. slate
    fracture along parallel lines
  12. what is parallel mineral arrangement?
  13. what is parallel to sub parallel arrangement?
  14. gneiss
    mineral seggregated into bands
  15. what are the foliated metamorphic rocks?
    • slate
    • phyllite
    • schidt
    • gneiss
  16. describe slate metamorphic rocks
    • fine grained, mineral not visible
    • clay mineral, chlorite
    • dense
  17. describe phyllite metamorphic rock
    satiny luster
  18. describe schist metamorphic rock
    • medium to coarse grained, minerals visible
    • muscovite, biotite, garnet, kyanite and others
    • shiny luster
  19. describe gneiss metamorphic rocks
    • feldspars, quartz, muscovite, biotite, ferromagnesian minerals
    • banded
  20. directed stress in regional metamorphism causes______
  21. what are the non foliated metamorphic rocks?
    • marble
    • quartzite
    • metaconglomerate
    • hornfels
    • anthracite
  22. when do non foliated rocks develop?
    regional or contact metamorphism
  23. explain marble metamorphic rock
    • medium to coarse grained, mineral visible
    • calcite
    • hardnes 3
  24. explain quartzite metamorphic rock
    • quartz
    • hardness 7; breaks across grains
  25. explain metaconglomerate metamorphic rock
    breaks across and around grains
  26. explain hornfels metamorphic rock
    • fine grained, mineral not visible
    • clay mineral, muscovite
    • dense, dark colored
  27. explain antharacite coal metamorphic rock
    • carbon rich
    • black, siny
  28. the relationship between mineral assemblage and metamorphic grade is expressed by ____________
    matamorphic facies
  29. what is lithostatic stress
    equal pressure from all directions
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