Unit 9 Taylor Chpt 23

  1. leadership style in which the leader assumes complete control over the decisions and activities of the group
    Autocratic leadership
  2. process of transforming, altering, or modifying something
  3. autonomous, accountable professional nursing practice; a characteristic of a democratic leadership style and the heart of a self –governance model of unit organization
    Decentralized decision-making process
  4. the transfer of responsibility for their performance of an activity to another individual while retaining accountability for the outcome
  5. leadership style characterized by a sense of equality between the leader and followers
    Democratic leadership
  6. power obtained by virtue of a person’s position
    Explicit power
  7. power obtained by force of a person’s personality that might enable him or her to have more power to influence others than designated leaders
    Implied power
  8. leadership style in which the leader relinquished all power to the group
    Laissez-faire leadership
  9. ability to direct or motivate other toward the achievement of predetermined goals
  10. the act of planning, organizing, directing, and controlling available human resources and financial resources to deliver quality care to patients and families
  11. change agent’s purposeful, systematic efforts to bring about change
    Planned change
  12. ability to influence others to achieve a desired effect
  13. leadership that moves beyond the traditional modes previously experienced by all levels of workers; spawned by the impact of the information age on work and the worker
    Quantum leadership
  14. employing a decentralized organizational structure for decision making; self-governance at the unit level and respect for, and acknowledgement of, professional autonomy
  15. theory of leadership that considers the leader’s style, the work group’s maturity, and the situation at hand to form a comprehensive approach to management style
    Situational leadership
  16. type of leadership in which the person creates revolutionary change and commits to the personal and professional growth of self and others
    Transformational leadership
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