Unit 9 Taylor Chpt 21

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  1. nonverbal communication (touch, eye contact, facial expression, posture, gait, gestures, general appearance, mode of dressing, sounds, silence)
    Body language
  2. term used in communication theory to denote the
    medium selected to convey the message; the channel may target any of the receiver’s senses
  3. a stereotype, trite, or pat answer
  4. process of sharing information; process of generating and transmitting meanings
  5. intellectually identifying with the way another person feels
  6. verbal and nonverbal evidence that the message is
    received and understood
  7. study of a group’s characteristics and ways of functioning
    Group dynamics
  8. interaction that sets the climate of movement of the participants toward common goals
    Helping relationship
  9. anger and aggressive behavior between nurse or nurse-to-nurse hostility
    Horizontal violence
  10. communication techniques or self-talk to enhance positive interaction with the patient and family
    Intrapersonal communication
  11. communication that occurs between two or more people with a goal to exchange messages
    Interpersonal communication
  12. communication skills specifically designed to gather and validate information
    Interviewing techniques
  13. prescribed way of using words; a means to express
    thoughts and feelings
  14. term used in communication theory to denote the actual physical product of the source or encoder (e.g. a speech, interview, phone conversation, chart)
  15. factors that distort the quality of a message and interfere with the communication process
  16. exchange of information without the use of words
    Nonverbal communication
  17. process of communication that involves individuals and groups to achieve established goals
    Organizational Communication
  18. a way of being/commitment to secure the interest and welfare of those entrusted to one’s care
  19. feeling of mutual trust experienced by people in a
    satisfactory relationship
  20. term used in communication theory that specifies the person or object to which the message is directed
    Receiver (decoder)
  21. consistent, clear, structured, and easy-to-use method of communication between healthcare personnel; it organizes communication by the categories of Situation, Background, Assessment, and Recommendations
  22. study of the meaning of words
  23. communication that occurs when two or more nurses interact with two or more individuals, allowing the members to achieve a goal through communication
    Small-Group Communication
  24. term used in communication theory to specify the one who prepares and send a message to the receiver
    Source (encoder)
  25. agent, act, or other influence capable of initiating a response by the nervous system
  26. an alternative therapy that involves using one’s hands to consciously direct an energy exchange from the
    practitioner to the patient to facilitate healing or pain relief (TT)
    Therapeutic Touch
  27. exchange of information using words
    Verbal Communication
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