Unit 9 Taylor Chpt 10

  1. protection and support of another’s rights
  2. continuation of care, usually up to 1 year, for the family after loss of a loved one
    Bereavement Care
  3. healthcare services provided in a patient’s home
    Home Healthcare
  4. a type of end of life care for a person who is terminally ill
  5. 1. Patients are kept as free of pain as possible so
    they may die comfortably and with dignity
    2. Patients receive continuity of care, are not
    abandoned, and do not lose personal identity
    3. Patients retain as much control as possible over
    decisions regarding their care and are allowed to refuse further life-prolonging technologic interventions
    4. Patients are viewed as individuals with personal
    fears, thoughts, feelings, values and hope
  6. assessment instrument representing core items of a comprehensive assessment for adult nonmaternity home care patients and forms the basis for measuring patient’s outcomes for the purpose of improving the quality of care that is provided
    Outcome and Assessment Information Set (OASIS)
  7. taking care of the whole person; body, mind, spirit, heart and soul, with the goal of giving patient with life threatening illnesses the best quality of life they can have through the aggressive management of symptoms (similar to hospice care)
    Palliative care
  8. a person who recommends home care services and supplies the home healthcare agency with details about the patient’s needs
    Referral source
  9. entity that pays for home healthcare services
    Reimbursement Source
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Unit 9 Taylor Chpt 10
Unit 9 Taylor Chapter 10