1. la torre
  2. desviar
    to deflect, avert, parry
  3. sepulcro
  4. derramar
    to spill
  5. apresurar
    to hurry along
  6. claudicar
    to give up
  7. asunto
    issue matter
  8. ventalla
  9. anhelo
    longing, desire, eagerness
  10. califaction
  11. picadura
    bite, sting, prick
  12. matricula
  13. clamar
    to cry out
  14. aguja
  15. redimir
    to redeem
  16. apaciguar
    to pacify, to calm dowm
  17. borroso
    vague, hazy, blurred
  18. doquier
    everywhere, all around
  19. edificar
    build, edify, improve
  20. diezmar
    decimate, destroy a large part of
  21. chunche
    central american slang: whatchamacallit
  22. realizar
    realize, accomplish, actualize, implement, execute, perform, attain, achieve
  23. a traves
    across, transversly
  24. labrar
    work, shape, carve, hew, farm, till
  25. carencia
    shortage, lack, scarcity, deficit, deficiency
  26. internado/a
    interned, confined
  27. agravar
    aggravate, exacerbate, harass, bother, weigh down
  28. fingir
  29. tolerar
    to tolerate, endure
  30. antiguo/a
  31. convencer
    to convince, persuade, satisfy
  32. indigno de
    unworthy of
  33. pregonar
    to proclaim, announce, make known, applaud publicly
  34. hurtar
    to steal
  35. la rueda
  36. ruedo
    bullring, border
  37. moliente y corriente
    right, justly, exactly
  38. envase
  39. no obstante
    nevertheless, notwithstanding, however
  40. la ira
  41. fortalecer
    strengthen, fortify, encourage, toughen, build
  42. hallar
    to find, discover, locate, meet with
  43. permanecer
    to remain, stay, abide
  44. medio hecho
    medium rare
  45. abundar
    abound, to be plentiful, abundant, be full of
  46. acarrear
    to carry, transport, tote, cause, bring on, result in, entail
  47. encantar
    bewitch, charm, enchant, capti
  48. llegada
    arrival, coming, approach, immigration, invasion, incursion
  49. perturbar
    to perturb, disturb, worry, alarm, concern, perplex, bewilder, agitate, upset, excite
  50. detenidamente
    carefully, cautiosly, meticulously
  51. emitir
    to emit, give off, vent, issue, launch, express
  52. suelto
    item, paragraph, change money recieved back after paying
  53. serruchar
    to irrigate, water, spray, wash down
  54. precisar
    to bracket, pin down, nail
  55. costoso/a
    costly, expensive
  56. apartar
    to separate, divide, alienate, distract, avert, turn away, lure away, allure
  57. saldar
    to liquidate, discharge, remainder
  58. goloso/a
    sweet tooth
  59. huir
    to run away, take flight, escape, evade
  60. sin embargo
    however, nevertheless, nonetheless, but, still, notwithstanding
  61. sondeo (noun)
    sounding, probe, investigation, solicitation of votes or opinions, measurement of water depth,
  62. colocar
    to place, put, position, set in place, lay, station,
  63. paladar
    to taste, palate
  64. apresar
    to capture
  65. testaduro/a
    stubborn, persistent
  66. testarudo (noun)
    mule, stubborn person
  67. zacate
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