VT9c Urinary Terminology

  1. FLUTD
    feline lower urinary tract disease
  2. GFR
    glomerular filtration rate
  3. PU/PD
  4. CRF
    chronic renal failure
  5. IVP
    intravenous pyelogram
  6. BUN
    blood urea nitrogen
  7. UTI
    urinary tract infection
  8. nephrectomy
    nephro = kidney ectomy = surgical removal
  9. juxtaglomerular
    juxta = near glomerulo = glomerulus/grapelike cluster of capillaries
  10. dysuria
    dys = difficult or bad uria = urination
  11. pyelonephritis
    pyelo = renal pelvis nephro = kidney itis = inflammation
  12. urolithiasis
    uro = urine lith = stone or calculus iasis = condition
  13. cystocentesis
    cysto = bladder centesis = surgical puncture to remove gas or fluid
  14. isosthenuria
    iso = same sthen = strength uria = urine
  15. alkalosis
    alka = high pH osis = abnormal condition
  16. urethrostenosis
    urethro = urethra stenosis = stricture narrowing
  17. pneumocystogram
    pneumo = air cysto = bladder gram = picture
  18. Malpighian corpuscle
    site of the initial filtration of blood to remove waste products including Bowman's capsule and the glomerulus
  19. glomerulus
    a small tuft or cluster the grapelike cluster of capillaries in the Malpighian corpuscle
  20. bicarbonate
    HCO3 a pH buffer in body fluids
  21. diuretics
    increase urine flow and sodium excretion and thus decrease blood pressure
  22. angiotensin II
    stimulates adrenal cortex to release aldosterone
  23. aldosterone
    stimulates retention of sodium, excretion of potassium and increased BP
  24. ACE inhibitor
    decrease blood pressure by inhibiting angiotensin and aldosterone
  25. urinary acidifier
    decrease the pH of urine to dissolve struvite uroliths
  26. ureter
    the duct that carries urine from the renal pelvis to the urinary bladder
  27. urethra
    tube extending from the urinary bladder to the outside of the body
  28. retroperitoneal
    'behind the peritoneum" = outside of the peritoneal cavity
  29. azotemia
    the presence of nitrogen containing compounds in the blood
  30. pollakiuria
    increased frequency of urination without an increase in total production
  31. uropoiesis
    the process of urine production
  32. micturition
  33. urinary incontinence
    inability to control urination
  34. urinalysis
    labaratory testing of urine, typically includes a gross examination, chemical analysis and sediment evaluation
  35. hyposthenuria
    low urine concentration
  36. supernatant
    the fluid and suspended solids that remian above the sediment after centrifugation of a urine sample
  37. crystalluria
    the presence of crystals in urine
  38. creatinine
    a product of muscle metabolism that is produced at a constant rate and excreted by the kidney, blood levels of creatinine are indicative of kidney function
  39. stranguria
    slow, difficult or painful urination
  40. cystoscopy
    visual examination of the urinary bladder with a fiberoptic instrument
  41. nephrolith
    kidney stone
  42. lithotripsy
    destruction of urinary calculi using ultrasonic waves traveling through water
  43. specific gravity
    a measurement of the concentration of particles in urine
  44. turbidity
    cloudiness of a solution, usually due to suspended particles
  45. peritoneal dialysis
    removal of blood waste products by fluid exchange through the peritoneum as a treatment for renal failure
  46. trigone
    the triangular area of the bladder marked by the two ureteral openings and the urethral opening
  47. magnesium ammonium phosphate
    mineral composition of a urinary crystal commonly known as struvite that forms in alkaline urine
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