SAT L 1 Set #1 Vocabulary

  1. abhor
    (v) to hate; to dislike intensely
  2. alacrity
    (n) promptness; quick willingness
  3. animosity
    (n) strong hatred; feeling of hostility
  4. augment
    (v) to ingrease or enlarge
  5. censure
    • (v) to disapprove; to scold
    • (n) negative judgment; a rebuke
  6. concur
    (v) to agree; to coincide
  7. congenial
    (adj) friendly and sociable; compatible
  8. cursory
    (adj) hasty and inattentive; quick and shallow
  9. digress
    (v) to stray from the main topic while speaking or writing
  10. elated
    (adj) delighted; joyful; elevated in mood
  11. ephemeral
    (adj) temporary; fleeting; short-lived
  12. fallible
    (adj) liable to make an error or mistake
  13. gratis
    (adv) free; without charge or payment
  14. homogeneous
    (adj) unvarying; uniform; of a single type or nature
  15. infirmity
    (n) a physical or mental weakness; feebleness
  16. innocuous
    (adj) harmless; not hurtful
  17. instigate
    (v) to provoke; to incite; to urge forward
  18. labyrinth
    (n) maze; a structure with complex, hard-to-follow passageways
  19. renegade
    • (n) one who violates the rules; a deserter
    • (adj) wild; uncontrollable
  20. revere
    (v) to honor and admire profoundly
  21. seclude
    (v) to isolate; to make inaccessible; to shut apart
  22. supersede
    (v) to replace; to substitue something superior in place of
  23. transgression
    (n) crossing over a boundary or limit; violation of a rule or custom
  24. viable
    (adj) possible; workable; able to be accomplished
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SAT L 1 Set #1 Vocabulary
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