Module 4 vocab.txt

  1. blephar-
  2. chori- choroid-
    choroid; middle layer of the eye between the sclera and retina conjunctiv- conjunctiva; membrane that lines the eyelid cor-
  3. core- pupill-
  4. cycl- ciliar- cili-
    ciliary body; the structure on both sides of the lens, connecting the choroid and iris
  5. dacry- lacrim-
    tear; tear sac
  6. dacryocyst- tear sac
  7. dacry-/lacrim- versus dacryocyst-
    "tear, tear sac" versus "tear sac" only
  8. ir- irid-
  9. kerat-* cerat-* cornu-* corne-*
    cornea [See Mod. 6, kerat-, cerat-, cornu-, corne-]
  10. ophthalm- ocul-
  11. opt-
    eye; vision
  12. ophthalm-/ocul- versus opt-
    "eye" only versus "eye, vision"
  13. phac- phak- lent-
  14. retin-
    retina; inner layer of the eye
  15. scler-
    sclera; hard, outer layer of the eye
  16. auricul-
    auricle; pinna; the outer structure of the ear
  17. cochle-
    cochlea; snail-shaped, liquid-filled structure through which sound vibrations pass
  18. incud-
    incus; anvil-shaped bone of the middle ear
  19. labyrinth-
    labyrinth; inner ear
  20. malle-
    malleus; hammer-shaped bone of the middle ear
  21. myring- ear drum; tympanum
  22. ot- aur-*
    ear [See Mod. 8 and 12, aur-]
  23. phon-
    voice; sound
  24. staped- stapedi-
    stapes; stirrup-shaped bone of the middle ear
  25. tympan-
    ear drum; tympanum; inner ear, including the eardrum, malleus, stapes, and incus
  26. andr-
  27. anthrop- hom-* homin-
    human being [See Mod. 9, hom-]
  28. bi-* vit-
    life [See Mod. 8, bi-]
  29. dem-
  30. dips-
  31. gam-
    marriage; sexual union
  32. ger- geront-
    old person/people; old age
  33. gyn- gyne- gynec- gynaec-
  34. hapt- haph-
    sense of touch; touch
  35. hygien-
  36. iatr-
    medicine; physician
  37. mis-
    aversion to
  38. mort-
  39. narc-
    stupor; sleep
  40. nat-
    birth; born
  41. necr-
    death; dead tissue; dead cells; corpse
  42. ped-* paed-
    child [See Mod. 2, ped-]
  43. thanat-
  44. -acousia -acousis
    sense of hearing
  45. -algesia
    pain in
  46. -aphia
    sense of touch
  47. -centesis
    surgical puncture of (to withdraw fluid)
  48. -cyte
    cell [types of cells will be preceded by a descriptive noun root]
  49. -dipsia
  50. -ectasis -ectasia
    dilation of; expansion of
  51. -ectopia -ectopy
    malposition of; displacement of
  52. -edema fluid-filled swelling of
  53. -gamy marriage; sexual union
  54. -geusia -geustia
    sense of taste
  55. -iatry -iatrics
    study and treatment of [in reference to the medical profession or a physician]
  56. -lysis
    destruction of; loosening of; breakdown of
  57. -lytic
    pertaining to the destruction of; pertaining to the loosening of; pertaining to the breakdown of
  58. -necrosis
    death of [in reference to cells, tissues, or organs]
  59. -odynia
    pain in
  60. -opia -opy -opsia -opsy
    visual disorder; vision; viewing
  61. -orexia -orexis
  62. -osphresia -osphresis -osmia
    sense of smell
  63. -penia
    deficiency of
  64. -ptosis
    prolapse of (a slipping down of an organ or part of an organ)
  65. -rrhagia -rhagia -rrhage -rhage
    rapid discharge of (a substance); rapid discharge from (an organ or other location)
  66. -rrhaphy
    suture of
  67. -rrhea -rhea
    discharge of (a substance); discharge from (an organ or other location)
  68. -rrhexis -rhexis
    rupture of
  69. -sclerosis
    hardening of (an organ or other body structure); hardening caused by (a substance)
  70. -sepsis
    infection of
  71. -septic
    pertaining to the infection of
  72. -spasm
    spasm of
  73. -stasis
    act of controlling
  74. -stat
    device used to control; agent used to control
  75. -static
    pertaining to the control of
  76. -stenosis
    narrowing of
  77. -therapy
    treatment of (an object); treatment by means of (a means of treatment, e.g. heat)
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